Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ) Paint the Target guide: How to get a Precision Airstrike

Modern Warfare Zombies Precision Airstrike
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I had a lot of trouble with Paint the Target in Modern Warfare Zombies because getting a Precision Airstrike isn’t easy and you’ll need more than one because you need to get 20 kills. Here’s the best way I’ve been able to complete Paint the Target in MWZ.

Where to find a Precision Airstrike in Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ)

Thankfully, the cost of a Precision Airstrike has been drastically reduced. In DMZ, it was 12,000 and in MWZ, it’s 5,000. Also, you can find a Precision Airstrike at any Buy Station regardless of Threat Zone.

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Threat Zone One, Two, and Three Buy Stations sell Precision Airstrikes from Buy Stations. I recommend completing two of the easier Contracts because it’ll net you close to 5,000 which will then get you a Precision Airstrike.

How to get 20 mercenary kills with Precision Airstrike in Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ)

Modern Warfare Zombies How To Buy A Precision Airstrike
Image: PC Invasion

Now that you have a Precision Airstrike, the Paint the Target mission requires you to hit a Mercenary Camp or mercenary Convoy, and get 20 mercenary kills. For me, it took four Precision Airstrikes for me to finish this mission, so if you want to complete it faster, get a friend or two as their Precision Airstrike kills will count toward your mission.

You’re going to get most of your Precision Airstrike kills from Mercenary Convoys because they line up perfectly for you. I highly recommend driving around Threat Zone Two until you find a Mercenary Convoy. Get behind them and right when they notice you, use your Prison Airstrike. All the mercenaries will exit their vehicles and get blown up by the killstreak. This will net you around 10 mercenary kills while also checking off the Mercenary Convoy objective.

You still need to hit a Mercenary Camp, but you won’t get as many kills there because the mercs are spread out and can be in cover. That’s why I recommend hitting a Mercenary convoy two or three times to finish Paint the Target.

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