All Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ) Contracts, ranked easiest to hardest

All Contracts In Modern Warfare Zombies, Ranked
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Contracts are amazing in Modern Warfare Zombies because completing them gets you around 2,000 Essence and usually some extra goodies like Per-a-Cola, Self-Revive, and maybe even a Schematic. However, some Contracts are much better than others.

What are the best Contracts in Modern Warfare Zombies?

There are eight Contracts in MWZ. Some can be completed within a minute while others spawn difficult enemies that make the entire process take more time. Every Contract gives you the same rewards, so learning the best Contracts is important.

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Here are all eight Contracts in Modern Warfare Zombies ranked from best to worst:

  1. Deliver Cargo – Steal a vehicle and deliver it to the drop zone.
  2. Escort – Escort the vehicle as it destroys aether pools.
  3. Raid Weapon Stash – Find a safe and begin the drill process. Stay close to it until it reaches 100%.
  4. Eliminate the Bounty – Find a special zombie and eliminate it.
  5. Outlast – Start the PND and stay close to progress it to 100%.
  6. Spore Control – Find and use the Inhibitors to expose the six spores. Once exposed, shoot the spores to destroy them.
  7. Aether Extractors – Find all three aether extractors and blow them up.
  8. Defend Ground Station – Find and activate all seismic reactors. Then, start the upload and defend it.
Modern Warfare Zombies How To Complete Same Day Delivery Mission
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The easiest Contract in MWZ is Deliver Cargo because all you need to do is find a nearby vehicle, take it, and drive it to a nearby helicopter pickup. You will get chased by a helicopter, but it’s easy to maneuver out of its firing path. If you’re looking to make Essence fast, go with Deliver Cargo.

Escort is the next best Contract in Modern Warfare Zombies. I love this Contract because it’s the best for completing missions. It’s a great way to find special zombies and make good Essence at the same time. It’s also a great way to get Self-Revive Kits.

Raid Weapon Stash is also really easy plus you get a great weapon out of it. I recommend this one if you want to build your Contraband Weapon Stash. Eliminate the Bounty is another personal favorite because it’s really simple: find the special zombie, shoot it a bunch, get Essence.

Outlast is very similar to Raid Weapon Stash, but you don’t get extra loot from a safe at the end, so it’s just okay in my opinion. However, it’s better than Spore Control which takes some time and skill to complete. While every other Contract on this list has you defending one point, Spore Control makes you go on the offensive which requires more from you.

The two worst Contracts in Modern Warfare Zombies are Aether Extractors and Defend Ground Station. These two are the worst because they bombard you with very difficult to defeat mercenaries and put you under a time limit.

Aether Extractors makes you blow up three aether extractors in under three minutes, but each extractor is heavily guarded by mercenaries and reinforcements come in. Defend Ground Station is even worse because the final objective requires you to defend a single position from two constant sources of reinforcements, and there’s usually at least one Riot Shield guy.

In my opinion, do Deliver Cargo for quick Essence, Escort to earn mission progress fast, and Raid Weapon Stash to get a bonus weapon while scoring Essence. If you can help it, avoid Aether Extractors and Defend Ground Station as those Contracts are too hard for their own good.

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