Once Human Manibus Vs Evolution's Call All Server Differences, Explained
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Once Human Manibus vs Evolution’s Call: All server differences, explained

It's human to have options.

In Once Human, you get to pick between two distinct servers: Manibus and Evolution’s Call. This guide will explain all the differences between the Manibus vs Evolution’s Call server for Once Human. The answer may surprise you.

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Once Human: The differences between Manibus vs Evolution’s Call servers

The only difference between each server is how they play. First, Manibus is the PvE server. This is where you and your friends can do things like beat heavy-duty bosses such as Rabizex in Once Human.

The game can be done at your own pace without having to worry about being attacked by other human players. It’s an easier way to play, but the disadvantage is that Manibus is somewhat slower, making the learning curve different for this server.

With that being said, the PvE server is also the best way to learn the game. Once Human is somewhat complicated for what it is. By playing on Manibus, you can help make things a lot more digestible.

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Next, the Evolution’s Call is the PvP server in Once Human. Upon the selection of this server, you’ll get access to all the PvE content plus the PvP stuff. In other words, the Evolution’s Call server is where you play the main game.

However, you might not be able to get into the Evolution’s Call server right away, since PvP works a little differently in Once Human. When you finally get access to the PvP and can hunt other players, you can experience Once Human at its fullest.

It’s worth noting that the rewards, challenges, bosses, and everything else are exactly the same between Manibus and Evolution’s Call. The only difference between these scenarios is one features PvE and one features PvPvE.

What type of server should I play on?

With these questions, it’s all about how you want to play. If the answer is you want a steady experience and learn everything the way you feel comfortable, pick Manibus. But, if you want everything that Once Human has to offer, Evolution’s Call might be for you.

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My answer here would be to pick Evolution’s Call. As mentioned before, Manibus might be a slower experience since there’s no real danger outside of the enemy NPCs. By playing on Evolution’s Call, you can understand the meta of Once Human quicker because there are legitimate threats in other players. On top of that, you get the entire package with this server. You’re learning the basics of Once Human while figuring out strategies that work for you.

The best part is no matter which server you pick, the rewards are going to be the same. So you may land on a blueprint for a weapon that could make taking on Securement Silo Theta in Once Human easier to do.

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