Rainbow Six Extraction Leveling Guide Fast Xp

Rainbow Six Extraction has several core gameplay elements related to progression. The first is your character’s own level, which unlocks new weapons and ability upgrades. The second is your Milestone rank (i.e., profile). Lastly, there are studies that you can complete to see codex entries. All of these are tied to the experience points that you’d earn. Here’s our Rainbow Six Extraction leveling guide to help you with fast ways to earn XP.

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Rainbow Six Extraction leveling guide – Fast ways to earn XP

Kills, tactics, and health

All of these factors are tallied once you safely escaped a map, and they all net you XP in Rainbow Six Extraction. Kills simply refer to the Archaean enemies that you’ve eliminated regardless of the method (tougher enemies give more XP). Health is your remaining base HP upon escaping a map (not counting the temporary boosts from health kits or abilities). Lastly, tactics offer a plethora of ways to earn bonus XP:

  • Killing enemies – Taking out opponents while stealthed, blowing up multiple hostiles with a Breacher, a turret/bomb-type ability getting the final blow, doing takedowns, and more.
  • Support and utility – Fortifying passageways, healing yourself or your allies, reviving downed teammates, and more.

Difficulty modes, advancing further, and banking XP

Apart from the three factors mentioned above, the objectives you complete during missions also provide a lot of XP. But, this value will depend on the difficulty mode. For instance, the first objective will give 1,000 XP if you’re playing on Moderate difficulty. However, this is increased to 3,000 XP if you’re playing on Critical difficulty. Subsequent objectives in the next sub-sectors will also provide higher XP. Moreover, there’s a chance that you’ll notice Mutations. These are additional modifiers that make your run tougher, such as Nests with armor, Sprawl that’s also poisonous, and Sludge that will appear when foes are defeated.

Bear in mind that Rainbow Six Extraction offers high-risk, high-reward gameplay. The key is knowing when to advance further and when to escape early. If you’re low on health or the objective might be too tough, then it might be better to exit the map (you’d still “bank” the amount of XP that you’ve earned so far). If you risk it, your character might end up incapacitated, and you’ll have no choice but to do an MIA Operator rescue mission.

Note: You also receive an extraction bonus multiplier if your character manages to escape the level safely.

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Easy mission objectives

Speaking of mission objectives, there are several in the game that are very easy to do especially if you’re playing solo. You can take a look at our mission objectives guide if you need help with the others, but here are some neat examples:

  • Triangulation – Stealthily eliminate mobs as you try to look for the laptops. Once you’ve found all three and those spots are clear, interact with them in the correct sequence.
  • Nest Tracking – Keep crouched and silently look for Nests. Plant the explosives to complete the requirements. Be careful, though, since things can get hectic. Mobs can start calling on others, leading to a chain reaction where a lot of Nests get alerted.
  • Biopsy – The elite tends to be surrounded by its cohorts, and it must be unaware of your presence before you can initiate a takedown. Thankfully, you can use Smoke/Stun Grenades, or stunning/cloaking abilities, before rushing in.
  • Specimen – This won’t be a problem if you only need to capture a Grunt or a Smasher. Shoot the target or make a loud noise, and back away as you move to the extraction point.

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A little “farming” in the Aberrant Nests mission

More often than not, random groups tend to run gung-ho to finish objectives. But, if you’re soloing, then maybe you got a little time to farm. My suggestion when farming XP in Rainbow Six Extraction would be the Aberrant Nests mission. The goal here is to find the chamber where the green Nests are. After shooting or meleeing one, the rest will become active and spawn more mobs.

This is great if you’re mostly getting hostiles such as Grunts, Bloaters, and Breachers, as you can hang back, funnel them in, and shoot them all dead. It becomes trickier if the Nests spawn Spikers, Rooters, or other creatures that can hit you from afar. Although you’re only receiving XP from kills and tactics, this can help increase your tally by the time you’re done.

Completing Studies

Last but not least, we encourage you to complete Studies if you want to level up fast in Rainbow Six Extraction. These are minor tasks/tallies that can be done in a specific region, and they’d give you quite a bit of XP as well. You can learn more in our New York Studies guide.

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Rainbow Six Extraction is available via the official website, the Epic Games Store, and Xbox Game Pass.

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