Rainbow Six Extraction Rescue Mia Operator

Characters in Rainbow Six Extraction will be incapacitated if they lose all their health, if they were KO’d but weren’t brought to the exit, or if they can’t escape a level in time. You need to save them if you want to use them again in matches. Here’s our Rainbow Six Extraction guide to help you rescue MIA Operators in a mission objective.

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Rainbow Six Extraction guide – How to rescue MIA Operators

The MIA Operator rescue mission in Rainbow Six Extraction will be automatically available if you lose a character. Simply select the same region and map, and the mission will be part of the objectives. If it comes up too late in the sequence (i.e., objective #3), you can rerun it to see if the order has changed. Even better, you can lower the difficulty settings to Moderate to make things hassle-free.

Note: An Operator that’s out of action will also cause your REACT Milestone (i.e., progression level) to drop considerably based on how much XP they’ve earned. You’ll regain these once they’ve been rescued.

Rainbow Six Extraction Rescue Mia Operator 1

Anyway, the goal of the mission is to find the Archaean Tree in the area. Make sure that you’ve cleared most nearby mobs, then interact with it by holding down the “F” key.

Doing so will cause red cells to flow through the tendrils to the Archaean Tree. Temporarily let go of the victim and shoot the cells, as letting the tree absorb them will stymy your progress. Pull the character loose once more (denoted by the yellow section of the progress bar). Failure to do so will cause that character to get gobbled up by the tree, and you’d have no choice but to rerun the mission.

Note: You and your buddies can do an MIA Operator rescue mission together (in case people in the squad were downed in a previous run). I’m not certain if this is possible via random matchmaking if you’re joining a new group.

Rainbow Six Extraction Rescue Mia Operator 2

Once a character has been freed, carry them to the escape point and place them in the chamber. You can also leave the area by using the control panel, and you’ll bring the character back to the base with you. This will complete the MIA Operator rescue mission in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Note 1: Newly saved characters will have fairly low health, so you’ll want to complete mission objectives and earn XP to heal them back to full.

Note 2: Should you enter a “death spiral” where multiple Operators are either injured or MIA, the game will automatically free the first character that you lost. This ensures that you’ve got at least one character to play with.

Rainbow Six Extraction Rescue Mia Operator 3

Rainbow Six Extraction is available via the official website, the Epic Games Store, and Xbox Game Pass.

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