Silent Hill 2 remake

It looks like various Silent Hill projects are currently in development. According to content creator NateTheHate2, a remake of Silent Hill 2, as well as a new mainline entry, are in development. This was then corroborated by Jeff Grubb, who says that “everything is mostly lining up.” It’s also rumored that Konami had intended to show these games off at E3 2021, but decided against it.

This information comes just after images were reportedly leaked from an unannounced Silent Hill title. People were skeptical before, but now things are starting to heat up a bit. We’ve had plenty of Silent Hill rumors in the past, though, so this isn’t any different. With that in mind, remain wary, as none of this is confirmed just yet.


Could Silent Hill make a comeback?

The first (and possibly biggest) rumor is that a Silent Hill 2 remake is on the way. It’s apparently being worked on by Polish developer Bloober Team. This isn’t too much of a stretch, since the developer previously worked on Layers of Fear, Observer, and most recently, The Medium. These titles fall into a similar sort of psychological horror as the Silent Hill series, so it makes sense.

According to NateTheHate2, the remake will have reworked puzzles and new endings. It will also be a timed PlayStation exclusive. Silent Hill 2 is a beloved game by many, but with that comes its own issues. It’s always risky to remake a game that’s fiercely adored by its fans. However, it would also be nice to see a different interpretation of the title.

Supposedly, there are also two more Silent Hill projects in development. One of these is a new mainline entry into the series, making it the ninth core Silent Hill title. The other project is intended to be an “episodic series” of short stories, according to VGC. And while there are plenty of rumors surrounding who could be developing it, there’s been no definitive word just yet.

If any of these rumors end up being true, Silent Hill could finally make a big comeback. However, it’s worth noting that the last few entries in the series weren’t brilliant. The hope is that developers can breathe new life into the series. Silent Hill is a franchise that’s been left to rot for a long time, and it would be nice to see it return.

Silent Hill 2 remake

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