Images of a new Silent Hill game have reportedly leaked

P.T. Silent Hill Leaked images

It looks like a new addition to the Silent Hill franchise could be on the way after a few images of a potential new game leaked. A tweet from AestheticGamer (previously known as Dusk Golem) shared multiple images from a Silent Hill game currently in development. AestheticGamer prefaced the tweet by saying, “There’s a lot I’m not sharing for now.” However, it wasn’t long before the images were taken down via a DMCA notice. Ironically, this has seemingly given the leak some more credibility.

It’s worth noting that AestheticGamer previously leaked information about Resident Evil Village in 2020 that was later proven correct. But, as with all leaks, take the following information with a healthy dose of skepticism. After all, leaks and rumors about Silent Hill have run rampant over the last few years.


Another week, another leak

The leaked images didn’t reveal too much about the supposed Silent Hill title. The first showed a very messy room with what looks like a crib on the far side. Then, the second image was a close-up of a character whose face is peeling away to reveal notes bearing insults. The third looked to be a shot from gameplay. It showed the player reading a note, with what looks like a button prompt in the bottom right corner. And the last image showed a hallway covered in post-it notes with a character standing at the far end, all colored in a spooky red. The images looked to be from a horror title of some kind, but there’s nothing that directly suggested it will be a Silent Hill game.

AestheticGamer did note that the images are “a bit dated, from 2020, so maybe this project looks a bit different now.” They also said that “this is not the only SH game in dev.” If this information is correct, it would suggest that Konami is planning for Silent Hill to make a big comeback. And considering most of the images seem to take place from a first-person perspective, this game could take cues from Capcom’s latest Resident Evil titles.

Hold off on the excitement

We’ve done this dance a few times now, particularly when it comes to Silent Hill and Metal Gear. It’s clear that fans want new titles in these franchises, and Konami has yet to deliver. Previous rumors regarding Bloober Team and the potential for it developing a new Silent Hill game were also shot down last year. With the information that we have right now, it’s hard to say how credible the latest leak really is.

Either way, these leaked images are something Silent Hill fans should remain wary of. At least until Konami officially announces that another Silent Hill game is in the works.

Silent Hill Leaked images


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