Spellbreak Frostborn Vs Toxicologist

I played a bunch of Spellbreak during the closed beta and haven’t put the game down since its official launch. I cannot stress enough how much fun flying around and slinging spells at enemies is in this game. While my addiction might be consuming me, it’s good for you, because I’ve discovered a load of Spellbreak tips and tricks to help take your battlemage gameplay to new heights.

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Spellbreak Launch Date

Easy tips and tricks

First off, the drop. I struggled to land exactly where I wanted when I started playing. I kept pressing forward (W) to try and fall faster – like in most battle royales. But in Spellbreak, you fall at the same speed, whether you press a direction or not. So, get yourself in position over your drop location and stop pressing forwards. This also leaves you free to look around and spot enemies dropping nearby.

If you’ve played at least one Spellbreak match, you should know that elements combine. You can use these combos to deal increased damage, apply status effects, and so much more. Another thing to keep in mind is that some spells counter each other out, instead of combining. Wind can put out fires and toxic clouds. Fire can melt ice paths. Ice can freeze toxic clouds. Boulders can block every projectile. The possibilities are almost endless.

Spellbreak Conduit

Tornado plus lightning equals lightning tornado.

You can stack Health Potions and Armor Shards in Spellbreak. Both items heal over time, so you can consume more than one to increase the rate at which you heal. This is very useful to do before a battle, because you’ll already be healing when you take damage. You can also consume potions and shards while invisible.

A good rule of thumb when it comes to potions and shards is to always carry more shields than potions. Particularly if you’re running the Recovery Talent. I always find myself running out of shields at the end of the game.

Another thing to know about invisibility is that it isn’t true invisibility. You can see a faint distortion and color change where the character is. You just need to look very closely. If you zoom into the image below, you can just about see it. With a little practice, you’ll get the hand of spotting sneaky battlemages.

Spotting Invisibility In Spellbreak

It is easier to see the invisibility distortion when the player is moving.

Slightly more advanced Spellbreak tips and tricks

Projectiles collide in Spellbreak, so you can use your attacks to defend yourself. This is why you should always try to face backward as much as you can while fleeing enemies.

If you’re on the run and need a safe place to consume a potion or shard, try to land in the branches of a tree. You’ll be hidden from view and you can take the few seconds you need to heal up. You can also try hiding in a larger bush, but they don’t hide you as well.

Hide In The Trees

If you’re running Runic Fluency to get two Rune charges or have an ability that has two charges, try to always use both charges immediately after one another or once the cooldown of the first charge has completed. Whenever you use an ability or Rune in Spellbreak, the cooldown starts from the beginning. So, you will increase the downtime of your Runes and abilities if you use them just before the cooldown is done.

If you jump just before you start picking up a scroll or resurrecting an ally, your momentum will carry you further away, but the action will continue. You can use this to pick up scrolls or resurrect allies from down a hill or behind cover.

Use Scroll From Cover

Speaking of scrolls, while you’re picking them up, you can still loot. Open chests, grab a belt, upgrade your Rune. Don’t waste time.

Those are all the Spellbreak tips and tricks I have for this guide. I hope they help you rack up some more wins in the Hollow Lands. Players are sure to discover many more ways to improve as they sink more hours in and the meta develops.

Logan Broadley
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