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It’s been a long time since Temtem opened a new island to players. Kisiwa was the last one released, and that was all the way back in July 2020. The wait for Cipanku may have been long, but the new content should be more than worth it. On Cipanku, tamers will finally be able to capture Digital Temtem, delve into the first Lair to battle a Mythical Temtem, and capture a bunch of new Temtem with unique abilities.

The Cipanku update is massive, and the patch notes are long. I’ll take you through the highlights of the patch, but if you’d like to read all the bug fixes and balance changes, you can do so over on Crema’s website. As with the series of Kisiwa updates, this is just the first patch of the cycle. There are still more surprises on the way.


Welcome to Cipanku

Each island in the Airborne Archipelago has a unique flavor that can be seen in the landscape, the architecture, the people, and the Temtem. The island of Cipanku has a distinctly Asian feel to it – you can see it in the buildings and the style of the people.

Cipanku is described as the land of technology and Digital Temtem. Since day one, players have been getting their butts kicked by Max’s Digital Temtem in the game’s opening battle. Now you will finally be able to capture some Digital Temtem of your own.

There are 24 new Temtem to discover. Plus, you can now tame four Temtem you’ve encountered before, but could not capture. All these new Temtem mean that there are 29 new Techniques, 26 new Traits, and seven new pieces of Gear to discover.

The first Mythical Temtem

The Temtem Cipanku update adds a new type of content called Lairs. These are Temtem’s version of a raid. Each week, the Lair will randomly generate a dungeon, which players will need to work their way through in a team of three to five tamers. Communication and teamwork are key to making it through and facing the Mythical Temtem at the end.

The Lair plays out a bit like a roguelike. You cannot use any of your powerful Temtem or Gear inside. You begin with an empty team and backpack. Along the way, you’ll form your squad for the final battle. Each player in your team will get their own path to complete. However, you will need to work together to collect shared resources.

Temtem Cipanku Lair Mythical Temtem

Inside the Lair, you will earn and spend two new resources, Jewels and Synstars. These are the resources necessary to summon the Mythical Temtem of Cipanku. The final battle will be done by each player solo, so you need to ensure the team you assemble is up to the task. Once per week, defeating the Mythical Temtem can earn you a Mythical egg.

There are other desirable rewards for completing the Lair, and these can be obtained as many times as you like each week. Just remember, none of the Temtem or Gear you obtain for your Lair run will leave with you. And you cannot carry Jewels and Synstars into your next run either.

New Cipanku features

Crema has always been very good at listening to its players. The Temtem Cipanku update also has a bunch of wonderful quality of life updates that Temtem tamers are going to be pleased with. On Cipanku, you will now be able to rename your Temtem and change your character’s pronouns. You will also no longer need to rely on airships for travel. If you complete a side quest on Cipanku, you will gain access to the Teleporter, which allows you to travel instantly between places. For a price, of course.

Temtem Cipanku Island Update

For tamers who enjoy Competitive ranked battles, you can now engage in wild and NPC battles while searching for a PvP match. If you find one, your PvE battle will be put on hold until your ranked match is done.

A final notable update is that leveling up is now much faster. You will earn more experience for defeating wild Temtem and the amount of experience needed to level up has also decreased. This will make the experience for new and returning players a lot more enjoyable.

If you’re an experienced player, you should check out the complete patch notes for the Cipanku update to learn about all of the balance changes to the various Temtem, Techniques, Traits, and Gear.

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