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A new smithing method has been added to Old School RuneScape. Today’s update introduces the Giants’ Foundry to OSRS, bringing with it a new Smithing minigame and a new quest. Not including smaller updates like lovakite ore and crystal gear, this is the first major piece of content added to the Smithing skill since OSRS‘ launch in 2013.

The Giants’ Foundry is a minigame where players have to create swords customized to fit their client’s request. They may ask for a arrow or spiked sword or one made from a certain metal. After forging the sword you’ll then have to refine it using a variety of provided tools.


The refinement process is made up of a few different stages. First, you cool the sword enough to hammer it, and then cool it further to work it with the grindstone. You repeat these steps until near completion when you have to use the polishing wheel to add the final touches. Afterward, hand the finished sword to Kovac to receive your rewards. Rewards include Smithing experience and foundry reputation that can be spent on ore packs, additional casts, and more. The Giants’ Foundry even adds a new sword to OSRS called the Colossal Blade that scales in damage depending on the size of an enemy.

If you want to try out The Giants’ Foundry you’ll first need to complete the new quest, Sleeping Giants. Head over to the Giant Plateau east of Al Kharid to find out more about this novice difficulty quest.

The community’s voice

All of the major updates added to OSRS have to be polled first. That means that nothing is added to the game without the community’s consent. It’s a smart way of avoiding unfavorable updates through the use of a democratic system. The Giants’ Foundry was pitched by Jagex on April 19 with over 90% of players voting in favor of it.

Osrs The Giants' Foundry Interior

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