There Is No Light Combat Healing Survival Guide

Combat in There Is No Light tends to be rather frantic and fast-paced. However, it can also be a little tedious and repetitive, as cited in our impressions piece. If you dive right in, you’ll want to make sure that you can keep your character, Blondie, in tip-top condition. Here’s our There Is No Light combat and healing guide to help you with the basics when it comes to surviving hostile encounters.

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There Is No Light combat, healing, and survival guide

Building up your Rage Meter: Player and enemy normal attacks

Normal attacks done by enemies are denoted by a red flash above them. These are countered by your own normal attacks (i.e., the “X” button on the gamepad). Most fodder mobs can get stunlocked this way while you spam your swipes.

As you do just that, the gauge at the bottom of your screen fills up. This is your Rage Meter, which is used to unleash a special ability.

There Is No Light Combat Healing Survival Guide 1

Unleashing your special attack

Once the bar is full, you can blast foes with a special attack (i.e., the “A” button on the gamepad). This will also cancel the abilities of foes denoted by a yellow flash. Be forewarned, however, that most bosses tend to use special abilities only. As such, you’re likely to spam your regular strikes so you can use the Rage Meter once full as a means of countering bosses.

Note: Different weapons in There Is No Light have their own types of normal and special attacks, as well as Rage build-ups. For instance, the Omen Sword is as basic as it gets. Meanwhile, the special ability of the Superbia must be activated once the meter is full. It will then overheat and be disabled for a few seconds.

There Is No Light Combat Healing Survival Guide 2

Healing up

If you look at the upper-left corner of your screen (seen in the previous image), you’ll notice four purple pips underneath your character’s health bar. You can fill these up by effectively countering enemy abilities with your special attacks. Once you’ve done that four times, you’ll spawn a Healing Shard that restores your HP. Moreover, if you unlock the Interruption skill for the Omen Sword, each counter grants two charges instead.

There are also other ways to heal up. Naturally, interacting with a fast travel point restores all your HP. Additionally, finding curious-looking objects provide an extra flask charge (i.e., represented by the three green pips to the left of your health bar).

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There Is No Light is available via Steam.

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