Uncharted pc patch 1.1 release

Game version 1.1 marks the first patch for Naughty Dog’s Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves PC collection. And even though the game launched in a good state, timely improvements are always welcome. The patch notes are short and to the point with a bulleted list of what’s new.

As far as gameplay changes go, Naughty Dog updated the way mouse input works to use raw input in order to improve the feel and responsiveness. This will no doubt improve the experience for everyone with a better feeling game. Adding to this, the patch notes also mention stability and performance optimizations. If you encountered any crashes or stutters, this might be your fix. Additionally, you can expect some higher framerates to make those action sequences feel a bit more immersive.


The rest is relatively minor but still worth mentioning. Naughty Dog also removed frame rate dependency for mouse camera sensitivity, updated the settings menu for the HDR option to grey out if your display doesn’t support the feature, and tweaked motion blur visibility.

With these changes, Naughty Dog also provided an update on known issues it’s still looking into. The developer is trying to find a solution for older CPUs that don’t have the correct AVX support. This is an understandable thing to address, since the collection features older games that should certainly be able to run on older hardware. Stay tuned for more information on that.

Uncharted patch 1.1 pc collection port

Sony learns lessons for PC ports

Sony’s really hit its stride with bringing top quality PlayStation titles to the world of PC gaming. If you recall the rough launch of Horizon: Zero Dawn, it’s obvious that Sony learned from its mistakes. Spiderman and God of War are two recent examples that released with few technical issues to speak of along with great optimization. With more titles to come, PC gamers should take this as another win for tearing down console exclusivity.

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