Vampire Survivors: How to unlock Gyorunton

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The characters of Vampire Survivors take many forms: from birds to trees, from dogs to demons. (Though, oddly, not to any actual vampires.) Among this varied roster, one character stands out as particularly fearsome: Gyorunton, the three-headed dragon. Not only is this beast terrifying to behold, it’s terrifying to unlock as well, requiring a trial as tricky as anything Vampire Survivors has to offer.

But never fear, for we’re here to guide you through the process. Read on to learn how to unlock this demanding dragon in Vampire Survivors.

Five steps on how to unlock Gyorunton in Vampire Survivors

Step 1: Use the Mindbender to limit your weapons

Mindbender Relic

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The hint for unlocking Gyorunton in the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane is simple enough: “Survive the Boss Rash with just one weapon.” As you may have guessed, this means you’ll need to complete the Boss Rash bonus stage while only using one weapon the whole time. This is easier said than done, of course, since restricting yourself to one weapon massively reduces your firepower. And Boss Rash is a difficult stage full of bosses and mini-bosses from elsewhere in the game.

There are steps you can take to make things easier, however. The first of which involves the Mindbender Relic. You probably have this Relic without knowing about it, since you unlock it automatically after adding 50 entries to your Collection. But it’s vital here, as it lets you set a maximum number of weapons for your characters before you enter a run. If you set this to one, you won’t encounter any other weapons as you level up, making it much easier to stick to the conditions of this process and keep your build consistent. You can do this on the character select screen, after choosing a character but before pressing ‘Start.’

Step 2: Head to Boss Rash

Boss Rash stage

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Next, you’ll need to head to the Boss Rash stage itself. If you haven’t unlocked it yet, check out our guide for details on how to do so. This is an unusual level, with few fodder enemies and lots of durable mini-bosses, meaning your level-ups are quite limited throughout.

In terms of character selection, the most important factor here is their starting weapon, since that’s all you’ll be able to use for the full run. Queen Sigma is a great choice, as her Victory Sword is ideal for focusing down tough enemies. Other good options include Imelda Belpaese and Dommario.

Step 3: Choose the Silent Old Sanctuary Arcana

Vampire Survivors How To Unlock Gyorunton Step 3

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Once you’re in the stage, the next step of your quest to unlock Gyorunton is to choose Arcana XX – Silent Old Sanctuary as your starting pick. If you haven’t unlocked this Arcana card yet, check out our guide to learn how you can. This Arcana gives you 20% extra Might — and reduces your Cooldown by 8% — for each empty weapon slot you have. It’s ideal for this challenge, since you’ll only be using one weapon. This means you’ll have five empty weapon slots, so this Arcana will grant its maximum bonus of 100% extra Might, and a 40% cooldown reduction, making up for a lot of the power you lose by sticking to just one weapon.

Step 4: Survive the Boss Rash

Vampire Survivors How To Unlock Gyorunton Step 4

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With all the setup out of the way, it’s time to get down to it and clear the stage. Since your weapon won’t be changing at all, the main consideration here is what passive items you want to use. We’d recommend a combination of power-increasing items and items that boost your survivability. The Spinach and Empty Tome are great choices, increasing your damage and letting you deal it more often, while the Armor and Pummarola will greatly boost your endurance, letting you shrug off blows and heal back any damage taken.

Whatever items you go for, you’ll need to keep moving constantly during the stage. The enemies in Boss Rash take a long time to defeat, and deal a lot of damage, so you’ll need to balance being in range to deal damage with staying out of their way as you go. The last few waves are challenging, but if you stick to the tips we’ve offered here, you should be able to pull through.

Step 5: Purchase Gyorunton and enjoy!

Vampire Survivors How To Unlock Gyorunton Step 5

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Once you’ve endured the trial above, you’ll hear Vampire Survivors’ ‘secret unlocked’ jingle, and Gyorunton will be unlocked! You can then head to the character select screen and purchase it for use in future runs. Gyorunton starts with great Health and Might stats, as well as the powerful Bracelet weapon, and gains 1% Curse every level, making it a great choice for Gold farming.

Now that you know how to unlock Gyorunton in Vampire Survivors, you have access to a powerful character with three heads worth of horde-thinning power.

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