All Arcana Cards In Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors is a roguelite, shoot-‘em-up masterpiece that nobody saw coming. The Tarot Major Arcana cards also used in many other games are a glimpse into the future, but in Vampire Survivors, they will align your path and playstyle a certain way. With 22 Arcana cards that power players up in different ways, it can get quite overwhelming to prioritize the right ones. Don’t worry, we’re here to help — and we’ll break down all the Arcana cards as well as how to unlock them in Vampire Survivors.

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List of Arcana cards in Vampire Survivors and what they do

Vampire Survivors Cards

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Arcana Description How to unlock
0 – Game Killer Halts XP gain. Experience Gems turn into exploding projectiles. All Treasure Chests contain at least three items. Defeat the final enemy in the Cappella Magna.
I – Gemini Listed weapons come with a counterpart. Reach Level 50 with Pugnala
II – Twilight Requiem Listed weapon projectiles generate explosions when they expire. Explosion damage is affected by Curse. Reach Level 50 with Dommario.
III – Tragic Princess The cooldown of the listed weapons reduces when moving. Reach Level 50 with Porta.
IV – Awake Gives +3 Revivals. Consuming a Revival gives +10% Max Health, +1 Armor, and +5% Might, Area, Duration, and Speed. Reach Level 50 with Krochi.
V – Chaos in the Dark Night Overall projectile Speed continuously changes between -50% and +50% over 10 seconds. The character starts gaining +1% projectile Speed every level. Reach Level 50 with Giovanna.
VI – Sarabande of Healing Healing is doubled. Recovering HP damages nearby enemies for the same amount. Find the Randomazzo.
VII – Iron Blue Will Listed weapon projectiles gain up to three bounces and might pass through enemies and walls. Reach Level 50 with Gennaro.
VIII – Mad Grooves Every 2 minutes attracts all standard stage items, pickups, and light sources towards the character. Reach minute 31 in the Mad Forest or defeat Death.
IX – Divine Bloodline Armor also affects listed weapons’ damage and reflects enemy damage. Character gains bonus damage depending on missing Health. Defeating enemies with retaliatory damage gives +0.5 Max Health. Reach Level 50 with Clerici.
X – Beginning Listed weapons get +1 Amount. The character’s main weapon and its evolution gain +3 Amount instead. Reach Level 50 with Antonio.
XI – Waltz of Pearls Listed weapon projectiles gain up to 3 bounces. Reach Level 50 with Imelda.
XII – Out of Bounds Freezing enemies generate explosions. Orologions are easier to find. Reach minute 31 in the Gallo Tower or defeat Death.
XIV – Jail of Crystal Listed weapons have a chance to freeze enemies. Reach Level 50 with Pasqualina.
XV – Disco of Gold Picking up coin bags from the floor triggers Gold Fever. Obtaining gold restores as many HP. Reach minute 31 in the Inlaid Library or defeat Death.
XVI – Slash Enables critical hits of listed weapons. Doubles overall critical damage. Reach Level 50 with Lama.
XVII – Lost & Found Painting Overall Duration continuously changes between -50% and +50% over 10 seconds. The character starts gaining +1% Duration every level. Reach Level 50 with Poppea.
XVIII – Boogaloo of Illusions Overall Area continuously changes between -25% and +25% over 10 seconds. The character starts gaining +1% Area every level. Reach Level 50 with Concetta.
XIX – Heart of Fire Listed weapon projectiles explode on impact. Light sources explode. Characters explode when damaged. Reach Level 50 with Arca.
XX – Silent Old Sanctuary Gives +3 Reroll, Skip, and Banish. Gives +20% Might and -8% Cooldown for each active weapon slot left empty. Reach minute 31 in the Dairy Plant or defeat Death.
XXI – Blood Astronomia Listed weapons also emit special damaging zones affected by Amount and Magnet. Enemies with Magnet range take damage based on Amount. Reach Level 50 with Poe.

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