Best Jianxin Team Comps In Wuthering Waves
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What are the best F2P team comps in Wuthering Waves?

Free is always good.

Since Wuthering Waves is a Gacha game, there are going to be two tiers of content available — one free and one premium. The number of free things you can get makes Wuthering Waves stand out from other Gacha games. One of those things is free characters which is quite a bit. It would help if you read this guide to learn what to do with those free characters like the best F2P team comps in Wuthering Waves. 

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Wuthering Waves: What are the best F2P team comps?

Before going into the nitty of these free comps, let’s go over the free character’s you can earn without dropping a dime. Note that the ranked list will go from worst to best. But note that the worst team is not the worst.

  • Yangyang: Rarity 4 Star
  • Chixia: Rarity 4 Star
  • Baizhi: Rarity 4 Star
  • Yuanwu: Rarity 4 Star
  • Sanhua: Rarity 4 Star
  • Vernia: Rarity 5 Star
  • Rover: Rarity 5 Star
  • Encore: Rarity 5 Star
Wuthering Waves Inferno Sword Sword Shoot
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Best team comps, ranked

Each of the following comps is for different play styles, which makes some better than others. But regardless of how you’re playing, trying out these setups can make things like the combat more interesting. 

High DPS Comp

What Are The Best F2p Team Comps In Wuthering Waves
Screenshot: PC Invasion
  • Rover (male) – DPS
  • Vernia – Support
  • Yangyang – Sub DPS

This group isn’t bad, you can fight well, and if you have the right build — this comp can become unstoppable. By using Rover, you’re going to output the most damage and, also do a lot of crowd control thanks to the Intro skill Waveshock. As long as you’re timing switching to him correctly, you can be in control more easily. When he enters the fight, Waveshock does compounding damage to either a singular enemy or a group of them. Then with basic or heavy attacks, you can complete the attack, potentially downing them.

To help Rover’s attacks have more of an effect, consistently switch to Yangyang. She’s amazing at standing on her own or emphasizing another character’s attacks. Plus, in terms of controlling the fight, you’re going to want to have her on the team. Her Resonance Skill pulls enemies together and can turn the tide of the fight. When you do this, either stay with Yangyang or switch to Rover. Either choice will give you high attack power.

For your support, Verina is a great asset. However, the more I use it here, the faster I notice she has a ceiling. She is a great healer to a point which is why I’m adding her to this group. I don’t think you should be using her to attack enemies but rather lean heavily into her support role. Botany Expriement makes a good case for that. This Resonance Skill in my opinion is far more important than what she can do. It makes the area around her do passive damage to enemies, but at the same time heals the character currently in play. When going up against bosses, I highly suggest you have her in the party even if you’re not using this setup. 

However, note at the same time outside of her being a support, she won’t be as effective as other supports in Wuthering Waves. 

Working with an Encore comp – ground control 

Wuthering Waves Encore
Image: Kuro Games Studios
  • Encore: DPS
  • Yuanuwu – Sub DPS
  • Baizhi – Support

To make the most out of this comp, you’re going to need to pull Encore. If you’re lucky enough to earn her early on, you can probably all tell how your engagements are going. She is your main attacker, and it’ll pay off if you use her move set well. Attacking an area and keeping the enemy busy will be the main goal. Her basic attack summons wooly dolls and launches consecutive attacks at an enemy. However, her Resonance Skills Thermal Wooley allows her to attack more than one target at the same time. What I like about this character, is that she can work well in most layouts. But to get the most out of her, consider using the comp. 

Yuanuwu is a great asset as well. If Encore is taking a lot of damage, throw him out. As Yuanuwu enters, use his Resosonce Skill Thunder Wedge. It does a lot of damage within the range of the wedge, which enhances Encore’s AoE attacks. So while your main DPS is out, you can still do ground control with him. However, his wedge attack has a small range, so ensure you use Encore to help group them up. 

In terms of an effective healer, it does not get any better than Bazihi. First, her Resonance Skill, Emergency Plan heals the entire time and deals damage via Galcio damage. Second, she can influence how enemies move with her Heavy Attack. Unlike Vernia, Baizhi can be used in many applications. Even though healing will be your main goal, to keep the pressure at bay and to make a dent, she can used to attack as well. This can be seen in her Intro Skill. As she enters, Baizhi deals Cryo damage to any enemies near while also healing characters. So when Encore is down, bring her out, and your main DPS will come back healthier than ever. 

Well Balanced comp

Wuthing Waves Sunhua1
Image: Kuro Game Studios
  • Sanhua – DPS
  • Chixia – Sub DPS
  • Support – Baizhi

I’m slowly starting to understand why many like Sanhua and prefer her as their main attacker. She may be seen as a Sub DPS, but her damage output might tell a different story. Have Sanhua attack a single target, but when she enters, the Intro Skill does a ton of Glacio damage to anyone caught in the ice throne. As soon as this character joins the fight, she has a headstart. The best part, her Outro Skill shares that benefit with other characters. As she leaves the field, the next character does around 38 percent more damage when they use their basic attack. This lasts about 14 seconds, which is enough time to do a lot of work.

When you switch out and use Chixia with the buff in effect, watch as the enemies go down in seconds. That’s not the cherry on top. Her Intro Skill makes it so that when you fire several shots at the enemy, it does devastating damage. Then, with Sanhua’s buff going, use your basic attacks to quickly and cleanly empty the battlefield. If that doesn’t work, her Outro Skill should finish the job. She drops a shockwave around one or more targets. The damage done is based on her Attack Stat. So if the 14 seconds aren’t up, consider leaving the field, and maybe any remaining enemies will fall. 

As I’ve stated, Baizhi is the healer you’d want on your squad. She can also benefit from Sanhua’s buff as well. When she’s not healing and offering supportive damage, this healer can help the fight be one-sided. Not only that, Baizhi can make her team last because her Outro Skill is always going to be healing the next character. However, make sure she is healthy during the fight because how much health is given is based on how healthy she is. On top of getting your health maintained, she will also offer a damage buff to the next character. So, when you have two characters that offer high DPS, using this skill can make things a lot easier to manage. 

Why not be rewarded for trying out each of the characters in Wuthering Waves? 

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