Best Encore team comps in Wuthering Waves
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Best Encore team comps in Wuthering Waves

Fusion Damage and Woolies galore

Encore is a Fusion DMG monster and a powerful candidate for your primary damage dealer. If you want to overwhelm your enemies with Woolies, here are the best Encore team comps in Wuthering Waves.

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Encore’s strengths and weaknesses in Wuthering Waves

Encore is a deceptively potent attacker and deals a tremendous amount of Fusion Damage. Her kit is also pretty unique as Encore is usually a ranged DPS but swaps to melee while her Ultimate Ability is live.

While strong, Encore has several weaknesses. The most glaring fault is she cannot parry with her regular attacks while in non-ultimate form. If you’re fighting dangerous bosses, this can be a big problem. 

Many of Encore’s attacks feel too “floaty” for my liking, and I often find it hard to visualize how much damage I’m doing with her. That said, your mileage may vary, and she’s fun to pilot.

Best teams for Encore in Wuthering Waves

As Encore is strong enough to be our primary damage dealer, we can fill the rest of the team with units that support her. Below, I’ve got two comps for you to try. One that’s F2P friendly, and another that requires a bit of luck.

Encore F2P team comp

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  • Encore
  • Baizhi
  • Sanhua

This is the Encore team I’ve had the most success with. Baizhi is a superb healer and is extremely easy to use. If Encore takes a beating, you can quickly patch her up by swapping to Baizhi for a short while, popping her abilities, and switching back. 

Baizhi is my go-to healer and effortlessly fits into most teams. If you haven’t built her yet, she’s absolutely worth the resources. 

Sanhua is a decent all-rounder and works well in this comp, thanks to her Outro skill, Silversnow. 

Silversnow grants an impressive 38% basic Attack damage increase to whoever you swap to. The effect lasts for 14 seconds and is free boosted damage for Encore, as you’ll use her basic attacks the most.

Encore can be a little tricky to pilot, but with this comp, you can boost her damage with Sanhua and switch to Baizhi when the going gets tough.

Encore Premium team comp

  • Encore
  • Sanhua
  • Verina

At the time of writing, I’ve yet to acquire Verina, but she’s arguably the best support unit in the game. Verina does everything that Baizhi can do but better. She’s easy to use, offers bonus damage to Encore, and, most importantly, kicks out a ton of healing. While Verina eclipses Baizhi in utility, the gameplay loop between these team comps remains the same.

Sanhua remains a superb all-rounder, and as she’s a free unit, everyone has access to her. Don’t sweat it if you don’t have Verina yet, but there are plenty of great team comps you can use with her if you do.

Are these the only team comps I should use for Encore?

While I recommend having a healer on your squad like Verina or Baizhi, you’ll likely be fine filling the remaining slot with whoever you like. Rover is decent if you want to run around as the main character. 

Best Encore team comps in Wuthering Waves
Screenshot: PC Invasion

I lucked out and pulled Calcharo, so one of my comps is Encore, Calcharo and Baizhi. It may be suboptimal, but it’s worked for me through most of the game so far. The recommended teams are powerful, but I encourage you to experiment.

If you fancy yourself as a puzzle expert, make sure you try out the Perspective Bender. There are decent rewards up for grabs if you can solve the riddles inside.

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