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Wuthering Waves: Best Chixia team comps guide

It's all about how the group is doing.

To get the most out of combat in Wuthering Waves, need a good team. Each character has something to offer that can make your life easier. Chixia is a good starter character and she can make combat fun. However, knowing the best Chixia team comps with this guide can make her stand out in Wuthering Waves. 

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Best team comps guide for Chixia in Wuthering Waves

Chixia in my opinion is up there with being the best free character you can get in Wuthering Waves. Her ranged attacks show how versatile and dynamic you can be. To make her even better, let’s go over some comps that work well.

Best main comp for Chixia

Wuthering Wave main Comp
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  • Rover (male) – DPS
  • Chixia – Sub DPS
  • Verina – Support

If you want to understand how combat works best, I highly suggest you use this composition — at least at the start. Let’s start with Rover. To deal large chunks of damage, start the fight with Rover. His Mid-Air attacks can be devastating and can hurt. However, the Intro skill Waveshock is where your power comes from, in that he attacks a target and does heavy damage. This will help keep the bigger enemies at bay and does great crowd control even though it’s a single-target attack. 

After, Chixia comes in and adds supplemental damage. While she won’t do the real damage, Chixia does a great job at keeping the pressure on. If you switch back and forth between Rover and Chixia, consider using her Blazing Flames Resonance skill. She shoots out quick shots dealing Fusion damage to any nearby enemies. It’s a great finisher because it guarantees it. Just make sure you are having Rover doing most of the damage.

A healer for this composition isn’t necessary, but it works. Even though Rover and Chixia are the ones outputting damage, Verina can help those attacks have a little more weight. This is when her Resonace Skill Botany Experiment comes into play. When this activates, the foliage around the party grows, dealing damage to enemies. However, that same foliage is healing the current character. When you time this attack just right, you can create breathing room with ease. 

Best off-hand comp of Chixia

Wuthering Waves Second Group
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  • Yangyang DPS
  • Chixia – Sub DPS
  • Aalto – Support

To start, this composition is sort of unconventional. You have two ranged attackers and one main DPS

Before going any further, this comp is great after you’ve gotten your feet wet in Wuthering Waves. There is no healer character in this group, so you’re going to have to play a little more conservatively. 

Even with the more advanced play style of this comp, you’re still going to get the upper hand as long as you are smart about what you do.

Yangyang, fight controller

Yangyang is going to be the main one who’s doing all the damage. The great thing about her as opposed to Rover, is that no matter what team comp she is in, Yangyang makes her case for being the more reliable character. What I like about this character is that she can control the fight. For example, if you use her Resosance Skill Zephyr Domain you can pull enemies in together. Then, to finish them off, call in either one of the ranged characters. Just make sure you switch out at the right time, this skill seems to wear off after a short time.

Much like the comp above, Chixia will be doing some of the same stuff. However, this time around you’re going to rely on her a lot more. When rotating Yangyang and Chixia, the enemies are going to be kept at bay easily. But if you use her Intro Skill, Grand Entrance, you can make Chixia a one-man army. Then, to end the fight, consider triggering her Outro, Leaping Flame. You release a shockwave in the surrounding area that will deal tons of damage.

When you activate her Outro, switch to Aalto he can clean whatever is left of Chixia’s target in a few shots. Most of his kit is about speed and evasion. Aalto’s Intro rapidly shoots enemies, and his Outro gives the next character you use a small buff of Aero Damage. He’s great for enhancing your attacks done by other characters. But he can sure defend himself well with Mist Avatar as one of his Resonance Skills. You cast one Mist avatar that taunts the targets in the area. The cool part is that these avatars get Mist bullets that generate damage. So, while enemies are keeping busy on those avatars, you can make quick work of the confusion. 

These comps are great on their own, but Rangers Series Weapons can make things even better. 

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