What happens when you Lie in Lies of P?

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Unsurprising given that its source material is the classic story of Pinocchio, the choice of whether to lie or tell the truth is a central part of Lies of P. You’ll often be presented with scenarios where you’ll need to choose between the two, with the consequences either way rarely being immediately clear. Just what happens when you Lie in Lies of P? Keep reading to find out.

What are the consequences for Lying in Lies of P?

When an opportunity to Lie arises in Lies of P, you’ll be presented with two choices and a tight time limit in which to choose between them. The first time you’ll encounter the system is at the end of the game’s tutorial secretion, after you beat the Parade Master and reach the entrance of Hotel Krat. You’ll need to Lie here in order to gain access, but later on the decision will be very much yours.

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After lying, a message will inform you that “Your springs are reacting”, implying some kind of change in status for your character. Despite this, Lying doesn’t actually alter your stats or status at all, meaning there are no mechanical penalties for doing so.

There are consequences in a larger sense, however. Choosing to Lie to NPCs you meet in the game will affect the outcome of their quest lines, causing them to move to new locations and more. It will also affect the rewards you receive at the end of their quest lines, the achievements you’ll unlock as you go and, perhaps most importantly, the ending you’ll receive when you finally conquer the game. Having Multiple endings is a staple feature of the Soulslike genre, and the Lie mechanic is the way in which you can interact with it in Lies of P.

So there you have it: everything you need to know about what happens when you Lie in Lies of P. Since the rewards and ending you receive vary based on your choices, you’ll likely want to embark on multiple playthroughs to see both sides of the system, and experience everything that this intricate mechanical game has to offer.

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