Lies of P: How to beat Parade Master

Lies Of P Parade Master Guide

Parade Master is the very first boss encounter you’ll run into in Lies of P. But even though it’s your introduction to boss fights, it’s by no means a pushover. Even soulslike veterans could stumble on this fight for the first few attempts. But there’s a good reason for that as this fight wants you to use all the new mechanics that Lies of P has to offer. So, let’s get into how you can beat Parade Master in Lies of P.

Lies of P: How to beat Parade Master

Since this is the very start of the game, there isn’t much you can do to optimize the Parade Master fight in Lies of P. I went with Path of the Cricket: Balance for my combat style choice and used the Puppet Saber to win the fight. But your choice of weapon and class doesn’t matter too much as this fight is all about fundamentals.

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First up, Parade Master is a large foe with big sweeping attacks. But like all big enemies, his attacks are easy to see coming. So a good way to get quick openings is by dodging through his attacks and then immediately attacking. You can get off one attack at a time while doing this and it brings down his health steadily. Practice dodging his attacks as much as you can and you’ll get through the first half of this fight just fine.

The second half of the fight gets a little tricky. Once his health is hovering around 50%, he’ll throw down the cage on his back and rip off his own head. He’ll then start using his head like a giant hammer. This increases the range of his attacks and he’ll start swinging more often. So pick your moment to attack carefully in this phase. The best opening is just after his two horizontal slashes, where there’s a three-second window to get some hits in. You can still dodge through all of his attacks with the right timing too.

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Eventually, he’ll perform an attack where he glows red, and this attack cannot be avoided by blocking normally or dodging through. You need to either get clear entirely or perfect block. If you’re new to soulslikes I don’t recommend attempting perfect blocks here since they’re tricky to pull off. Play it safe and move away from him and then close back in to attack while Parade Master is recovering.

If you stay aggressive a white border will appear around Parade Master’s health bar. Use a charged heavy attack or a Fable attack at this point to stagger him and get a Fatal attack. This will deal a lot of damage to him so it’s important that you get it while you can. From then on Parade Master shouldn’t be too hard to finish off.

Lies of P is now available on PC.

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