How to trade Rare Ergo for special weapons in Lies of P

Lies Of P Special Weapons Guide

If you’ve killed a few bosses in Lies of P you’ve probably seen the Rare Ergo they drop sitting in your inventory. Well, you want to wait before deciding to spend that Ergo on a few level-ups. You can actually trade these items in return for unique weapons or amulets. And some of these items are worth the wait to get. Here’s how you can trade this Rare Ergo for special weapons in Lies of P.

Lies of P: How to trade Rare Ergo

The ability to trade Rare Ergo isn’t something you unlock straight away in Lies of P. Instead, you need to progress through a few areas and bump into a certain character. You’ll find this character near the St. Frangelico Catherdral Library checkpoint. From this checkpoint, turn around and head through the passage to the right. Proceed through these nasty catacombs and either take care of all the enemies or run right past them. Eventually, you’ll see a lift, and at the top of this is the man we need to meet.

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Alidoro might seem like a dangerous fellow at first, but he’s one of the few humans who won’t try to attack you. Instead, he offers up his services and lets you trade Rare Ergo for special weapons and amulets. The wares he sells here are entirely unique to him and can’t be acquired anywhere else with any other currency. So make sure you don’t spend any of that Rare Ergo on yourself before seeing him.

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Some of the best special weapons that Alidoro sells include the Holy Sword of the Ark and Etiquette. The former scales well in Motivity with a B ranking, while the latter has an A in technique. So this is a great opportunity to get a weapon that fits your build perfectly. As far as amulets go, Alidoro also has a few that are brilliant. Conquering Amulet is my personal favorite as it boosts attack damage after a perfect guard. And since perfect guarding is a key mechanic in Lies of P, this will make certain fights much easier.

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