What is the max level in Super Mario RPG? Answered

What Is The Max Level In Super Mario Rpg
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When you’re playing a lengthy RPG like Super Mario RPG, you may be interested in knowing what the max level is.

How far can you really go with grinding for levels in this remake? No matter which character you’re playing, there’s a max level to reach, and we’ll let you know what it is.

Super Mario RPG: What is the max level cap?

The level cap may be a lot smaller than you think. The max level in Super Mario RPG is only 30, which isn’t what I thought it’d be initially. During the main story of this Mario game, you can only level up to level 30 on all the characters in your party.

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No matter how much you try, this is the highest level you can grind to. Super Mario RPG isn’t very long either, so it makes sense why the level cap is so low. But if you were a fan of the original back in 1996, you’ll remember that the max level used to be 30 as well, so this number may not surprise you.

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You shouldn’t have too much difficulty making it to this level if you consistently battle enemies. It may even be easier to reach this level on Breezy mode compared to Normal difficulty. The game expects you to reach this level at least by or near the end of the game, so unless you’re avoiding combat like the plague, you should reach level 30 with ease.

You’re free to continue engaging in combat while at level 30, you just won’t gain anymore experience points. This goes for all five of the playable party members. Also, there’s no respecing your build, so choose your upgrades carefully.

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Super Mario RPG is available on the Nintendo Switch.

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