How long is Super Mario RPG?

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Super Mario RPG is getting an exciting remake for the Nintendo Switch. The idea of a Mario RPG may be pretty absurd to most people, and they may be wondering how long it would take to complete.

If you find yourself wondering the same thing, then I’ve got the answer for you.

How long does it take to beat Super Mario RPG?

Role-playing games typically take a while to complete, and that’s even ignoring the litany of side quests that add an extra 100 hours. Then again, even your average Super Mario games takes quite some time to beat. With shorter entries, like Super Mario Wonder, clocking in an average of nine hours to longer entries, like Super Mario Galaxy 2, boasting around 14 hours. And both of those time averages aren’t taking any extra content into consideration.

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Super Mario RPG, then, combining two pretty lengthy ideas, does have a lot of content to get through. Different sites and sources have a pretty wide range of time estimates for the game. So how long of a game can you expect it to be?

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Looking at all sources, it seems that the consensus is 10 to 15 hours, which seems pretty encompassing of most play styles. You can expect your playtime to fit within this range, whether you’d prefer to explore and grind or get straight to the point. However, maybe I’m just pessimistic, but if I were you I’d expect to spend more time in the game, as it is an RPG after all, and you may spend more time than expected on certain parts due to your own choices.

So Super Mario RPG may not be as much of a time consumer as you may expect. It certainly surprises me.

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