What’s the max skill point in Payday 3?

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Being able to get stronger and better is a cornerstone of the Payday series, and there is XP, level-ups, and skills to help you get there. For Payday 3, this mechanic is there in the form of skill trees and challenges. You can get a whole range of skills at the start and build from there. But, like most things in the game, there’s a limit. How many skills you can earn is one of them. Before robbing banks and trying to get every skill in Payday 3, it’s good to know what’s the max skill point in Payday 3. This guide will take you through that question.

Payday 3: What’s the max skill point?

Payday 3 has a different approach to leveling up than its predecessors. In this game, there is a complicated skill tree that helps you create specific builds. At some point, though, you’ll reach a skill point ceiling.

At the moment you can earn 21 skill points in the game. Earning skill points is done by leveling up your Infamy which you can do by finishing the heist in various ways or challenges. These challenges can be completed by playing a certain way, or just flat out playing on a harder difficulty.

If you played Payday 2, you can tell this mechanic is overhauled. In Payday 2, you would need to complete objectives to level up your Infamy. For Payday 3, that has been switched over to challenges.

I recommend you check out all the challenges on the home screen and pick a few you want to complete in each run. If you do that, you’ll level up in no time.

For each level you rank your Infamy, you’ll get one skill point at the rate of earning a point at every other level. 

Though Payday 3 has microtransactions, you can’t buy skill points to level up fast. The only way to earn skill points is to level up your Infamy the old-fashioned way — by playing the game

Because you can only earn 21 points in total and there are more skills than points, you can unequip skill points and get the skill points back. With a refunded skill point, you can put it somewhere else.

By equipping and unequipping skills, you can make builds more dynamic since you can swap new and old skills on the fly. Personally, I’m a fan of this change as it allows us to really hone in on specific builds. I hope there is a way to save different builds in the future.

You can’t max out a skill tree, so experimenting with what works and what does not is the way you want to go about this. Just know that the max skill points you get in Payday 3 is 21.

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Payday 3 is available for pre-order now via Steam.

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