Best skills to invest in first in Payday 3

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Skills are important in Payday 3 because as you progress in the game, things do get challenging. On top of that, from my experience, not everything will go to plan like 80 percent of the time. Skills make adapting to the meta easier, and they complete the build you’re going for. So you should start looking at them as soon as you can. There are better ones you get as you go through the skill system, however, the following are the best skills to invest in early in Payday 3. If you do, the game may be easier to play with strangers. 

Payday 3: Best skills to invest in early

The good thing about Payday 3 is that characters don’t matter as much, it’s how to use them that does. The following skills can enhance any of the launch characters in many ways. 

  • Ammo Funnel: If you have EDGE, ammo will go directly into the magazine of the gun you’re using. Putting this in the Mower Skill line is great because as long as you down enemies, your ammo will never go down. Plus, it minimizes the need to reload.
  • Replenish: With EDGE, you can automatically pick up ammo dropped by fallen enemies. When things get too hot and you go loud, having an unlimited pool of ammo can help keep the pressure at bay.
  • Menacing: For the more creative players, if you shout and look at SWAT or HEAVY SWAT within 5 meters, you can make them surrender. They will stop firing at you and will go down on their knees. However, be careful for two reasons: Keep looking at them, if you look away the skill be interrupted. When they surrender, they become like civilians, so don’t shoot them or you’ll get a penalty
  • Pin Puller: With this skill, you take the SWAT you’ve used as a human shield and push him away from you. When you do that, the guard’s smoke grenade will go off creating a cloud of smoke. When you’re being cornered and have a guard in your custody, this creates breathing room for you.
  • Secure Loop: If you’re planning on running with a more stealth playstyle, try this skill. It allows some cameras to loop. This makes stealth easy to do since no one using the cameras can see you. Note: It seems this skill can only be used on one camera at a time

Payday 3 is available for pre-order via Steam.

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