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How to claim pre-register rewards in Wuthering Waves

Free stuff for no effort? Count me in.

Wuthering Waves has many people excited, so much so that over 30 million have pre-registered for it. With pre-registration comes rewards, however, for all those who have shown their support.

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How to pre-register for Wuthering Waves

To earn these pre-registration rewards in Wuthering Waves, you must first pre-register. The game is set to release on the 22nd of May, so you’ll have until then to do so. Thankfully, it’s super easy.

Wuthering Waves is to release of the following platforms:

  • App Store
  • Google Play
  • Epic Games Store

No matter what platform you wish to play on, the pre-registration steps will be the same.

Wuthering Waves Pre Register
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Head over to the Wuthering Waves official site to begin. Click the “Pre-Register” button just below the pre-registration count, and you’ll have to sign in to your Kuro Games account, or make a new account. Before you do any of that, however, you must accept (and read!) the Terms of Service.

You can easily sign in or register through clicking on one of the serves at the bottom of the sign-in panel. Once you’ve done that, you’ll immediately have pre-registered.

With your pre-registration, you’ll now be entitled to the in-game pre-registration rewards. But you’ll need to know what they are, and how to claim them.

Wuthering Waves pre-register rewards: How to claim

There are five sets of pre-registration rewards in Wuthering Waves – all that have been hit. The 30 million players who pre-registered the game will be entitled to the following rewards:

  • 80,000x Shell Credits (5 million pre-registrations)
  • 10x Advanced Resonance Potions (10 million pre-registrations)
  • 200x Astrite (15 million pre-registrations)
  • 1x Sigil: En Rotue (20 million pre-registrations)
  • 20x Lustrous Tides (30 million pre-registrations)

These will certainly help get us started properly.

To claim these rewards, you’ll have to log in to the game when it launches with the account used to pre-register. They’ll be sat in the player inbox for you to easily claim, and they’ll be added to your account and inventory.

It’s unclear if these rewards will expire, so I would say to log in and claim them on the launch day. As they’re tied to your account, I would imagine that there will be a period with which to claim them within, but this hasn’t been shared.

Wuthering Waves Follower Reward

It would be remiss of me not to mention the Follower Milestone Reward. The goal was to have 5 million followers from all their social medias combined, and they’ve hit it.

The reward is a “Rangers’ Series Weapon of Choice.” I believe this reward will be handed out alongside the pre-registration rewards, however, it is unclear if only followers will be entitled to this reward. So to be safe, I’d follow them on a social media of your choice.

The pre-registration rewards will allow us to jump right into what we want to play, with the characters we’re looking forward to playing the most.

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