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How to get over 100 free pulls in Wuthering Waves

Get 5-star Resonators for free.

Wuthering Waves is the next big gacha game, and as is the case with all gacha games, the first hit is free. Kuro Games is giving away over 100 free pulls for new Wuthering Waves players, which is more than enough to secure a 5-star Resonator.

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That’s not all, though. You can also get a 5-star weapon of your choice, choose a 5-star Resonator from a limited pool, and more. There’s a lot of free stuff to earn in Wuthering Waves, and you don’t even have to put in that much work to get it.

All Free Pulls in Wuthering Waves

When Wuthering Waves launches, you can claim 84 Lustrous Tides, 14 Radiant Tides, and 1,800 Astrite for free. That’s enough for 108 pulls.

In Wuthering Waves, Lustrous Tides are used to pull for standard characters, Radiant Tides are used to pull for limited characters, and Astrite is the premium currency like Primogems and Stellar Jades in Hoyoverse games. Since hard pity is 80 pulls in Wuthering Waves, you’re guaranteed to get a 5-star Resonator with the free Lustrous Tides you receive.

Here are the sources for all the free pulls in Wuthering Waves.

SourceHow to ClaimRewards
Pre-Registration RewardsFind in your in-game mailbox.20 Lustrous Tides, 200 Astrite
Gift from Wuthering Waves Dev TeamFind in your in-game mailbox on May 24 and May 25.10 Lustrous Tides (May 24), 10 Radiant Tides (May 25)
Gifts of Thawing FrostLog in consecutively for seven days.4 Lustrous Tides, 4 Radiant Tides
Awakening JourneyRaise your Union Level.40 Lustrous Tides, 1,600 Astrite
Free Upgrade BundleReach Union Level 30.10 Lustrous Tides

As you can see, all you need to do is check your mailbox, log into Wuthering Waves to claim daily bonuses, and reach certain level milestones to get all the free rewards. Basically, just play the game and you’ll get showered with free pulls for the first few days.

You can use your Lustrous Tides to pull on the Novice Convene banner, which is the beginner’s banner in Wuthering Waves. It has a discounted rate, but you can only pull on it 50 times. You’re guaranteed to get a 5-star Resonator within those 50 pulls, however, and you can choose a 5-Star character of your choice after you make those 50 pulls on top of that. There are a lot of characters to look forward to in Wuthering Waves, so make your choice wisely.

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