Wuthering Waves Phantom Shiny Rocksteady Guardian Location
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Where to find Phantom “Shiny” Rocksteady Guardian in Wuthering Waves

A blue Rocksteady Guardian.

Phantom “Shiny” Echoes in Wuthering Waves grant your Echoes a snazzy skin to stand out, so let me show you how to find the Rocksteady Guardian Phantom Echo location.

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Wuthering Waves: How to find Phantom “Shiny” Rocksteady Guardian

It’s a lot easier to spot the Phantom Rocksteady Guardian than it is to get the Shiny version of it. You can find the location of the Phantom “Shiny” Rocksteady Guardian in Wuthering Waves just south of Withering Frontline.

Wuthering Waves Phantom Shiny Rocksteady Guardian Location Map
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Head to the Desorock Highland and look for the Thundering Mephis Tacet Field boss. This is where the Withering Frontline region is, and where you can find the Phantom Rocksteady Guardian. I tried seeing if it would appear, but I only spotted the normal version which looked grey and white.

Currently, I’m not too sure how often enemies respawn in Wuthering Waves. I expect that you’d have to wait maybe around an hour before more Phantom Rocksteady Guardians show up. You’ll notice how different they look from the normal ones if you see the normal Rocksteady Guardian walking around as well.

The normal Echo is grey, while the Phantom “Shiny” version is blue. It also has a bit of a bright sheen to it, you can’t miss its iridescent coating. @MaiRubeee found one and shared it on Twitter/X. Another reply said that while they were watching a stream they found another spot. You may be able to find a Phantom Rocksteady Guardian on the tiny island east of Tiderise Cliff.

I went to the island myself but unfortunately, I didn’t spot any Rocksteady Guardians. Shiny Echoes are pretty rare to find, so you’re lucky if you get one on your first attempt. I also waited about 15 minutes after exploring Withering Frontline to then come back and see if any Rocksteady Guardians respawned, but the area was still empty.

Hunting for Phantom Echoes is a tough job, but now you know where one of them can be found. In other news, players have found the Shiny Hoartoise in Wuthering Waves.

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