How To Complete The Tide Rise Cliff Induction Cell Puzzle In Wuthering Waves
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How to complete the Tiderise Cliff Induction Cell puzzle in Wuthering Waves

Hacking a lighthouse.

At Tiderise Cliff in Wuthering Waves you’ll find an Induction Cell puzzle, but how can you complete it? This was the first Induction Cell puzzle I came across and it wasn’t as straightforward as it sounded.

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Wuthering Waves: How to complete Induction Cell puzzle at Tiderise Cliff

Right by the Resonance Beacon at Tiderise Cliff is an Induction Cell puzzle that requires you to use the Levitator Utility to place two Induction Cells into two Cell Sockets. You’ll find the first Induction Cell to the left of one of the Cell Sockets. The second one was trickier to spot, use your Sensor Utility to spot it sitting between two rocks near some bushes. Turn around and place it in the last Cell Socket.

  • Cell One
  • Cell Two

After that, the power is back on in the abandoned lighthouse and you must climb to the top of it. Well, you don’t climb as much as you sprint up it. It’s a little tough to run and hop onto the platform, but take your time and sprint up until you make it to the Signals Console.

How To Complete The Tide Rise Cliff Induction Cell Puzzle In Wuthering Waves Hack
Screenshot: PC Invasion

You’ll now have to hack it, and if you’re having trouble with the hacking puzzle the solution is above. You finished the puzzle, but where can you find your supply chest as a reward? It’s not just sitting there for you, you have to summon it out of thin air.

How To Complete The Tide Rise Cliff Induction Cell Puzzle In Wuthering Waves Chest
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Hop off the lighthouse and run off towards the grassy cliff edge. You’ll spot two people standing near the edge, and using your Sensor you’ll see a spot you can investigate. After investigating it you’ll chat with a historian before summoning your treasure.

That’s all there is to this Induction Cell puzzle at Tiderise Cliff! There are plenty of other similar puzzles to find across the open world, one of them being the Encryption Block puzzles.

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