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Where to find a Shiny Hoartoise in Wuthering Waves

Increase your odds at grabbing this Phantom Echo

Wuthering Waves has one unique thing that no other gacha game out there has: a Pokemon minigame. While it’s called something entirely different, the premise of catching the creatures is relatively the same. We’re going to figure out where you can find a Shiny Hoartoise in Wuthering Waves.

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Wuthering Waves โ€” Spawn location for Phantom Hoartoise

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Screenshot: PC Invasion

If you’ve been out in the world grabbing those Viewpoints, you’ve already come across a multitude of creatures. All the non-human creatures in the world can be caught Pokemon-style and turned into Echo versions of the enemies.

Echoes are found far and wide and make up a core component of WuWa. The Hoartoise is a turtle-like creature that provides healing benefits when assigned as your main Echo for a character. But what’s more interesting regarding the Hoartoise is the fact that a Vtuber found an interesting spawn location for a shiny version.

Twitch and YouTube Partner MaiRubee took to Twitter to make a post about how they found the shiny Hoartoise, further commenting that one of their viewers found it in the same location right after. And that location is south of the Tolling Stream, along the river where you can fight the Bell-Borne Geochelone boss.

Shiny Echoes can be found throughout the post-apocalyptic world, but it seems certain ones have places they spawn. This can be a telling sign that there may be other locations where shiny Echoes will spawn. Near the circular boss arena at the beginning of the river, you’ll find a group of Hoartoise, and on certain days, there will be a Phantom Hoartoise among them.

According to the Vtuber and some comments on their post, there may be days when the shiny turtle doesn’t show up. Just keep revisiting the area and you’re sure to find it eventually. If you’re looking to do more with Echoes, consider checking out the Wuthering Waves Echo Hunters event.

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