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Wuthering Waves Rangers’ Series Weapon Supply Chest: Which weapon should you choose?

Which 4-star weapon should you choose?

Wuthering Waves gives a ton of free rewards to new players, and one of the most useful free items is the Rangers’ Series Weapon Supply Chest which grants players a free 4-star weapon of their choosing.

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You get access to this chest right from the beginning of Wuthering Waves, so it’s a daunting decision when you don’t really know much about the combat or characters yet. If you want to avoid making the wrong choice, here’s what you need to know about the weapons in the Rangers’ Series Weapon Supply Chest.

Best Rangers’ Series Weapon Supply Chest Choice in Wuthering Waves

There are five weapons available to choose from the Rangers’ Series Weapon Supply Chest in Wuthering Waves: Dauntless Evernight (Broadlblade), Commando of Conviction (Sword), Undying Flame (Pistol), Amity Accord (Gauntlets), and Jinzhou Keeper (Rectifier).

Wuthering Waves Rangers Series Weapon Supply Chest
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The best weapon choice depends on the characters that you have in Wuthering Waves, since a weapon that you can’t use isn’t really helpful. Also, everyone gets a free 5-star weapon selector at Union Level 45 as well, so you may want to avoid picking a weapon for your overall best character until then.

In the meantime, here are the characters that are best suited for each of the Rangers’ Series Supply Chest weapons.

  • Dauntless Evernight: Taoqi
  • Commando of Conviction: Rover, Yangyang
  • Undying Flame: Chixia, Aalto
  • Amity Accord: Yuanwu
  • Jinzhou Keeper: Encore, Yinlin

The best overall choices are Jinzhou Keeper and Undying Flame. There aren’t that many great Rectifiers in Wuthering Waves yet, so Jinzhou Keeper is a great choice in that regard.

Undying Flame is also a really solid pistol that can be used with any pistol-wielder. Commando of Conviction is another great choice, but the sword from the 5-star weapon chest awarded at Union Level 45 is a much better choice if you have the patience to wait that long.

You really shouldn’t choose Amity Accord or Dauntless Evernight because there are multiple options for Gauntlets and Broadblades that are better suited for the existing characters currently available in Wuthering Waves. Plus, the perks on these two weapons are really only useful for one or two characters, so they’re not that versatile.

Still, not everyone will have every character in Wuthering Waves because the gacha system can be unforgiving, so you should really just pick a weapon that will benefit your favorite character. You’ll get another weapon selector chest at Union Level 45 that lets you pick a 5-star weapon, and you’ll likely have a much better idea of what your team needs by that point in the game anyway.

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