Far Cry 6 Secret Ending

The road to Yara’s complete and total liberation is long and arduous. It entails fighting Anton Castillo’s government and the military forces on the island. Still, similar to past titles in the series, there’s actually a secret ending that you can watch should you make a crucial choice. Here’s our Far Cry 6 guide to help you get the secret ending.

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Far Cry 6 guide: How to get the secret ending

To get the secret ending in Far Cry 6, simply continue playing the campaign until you can get past the blockade in Isla Santuario. This mission is called “Libertad Rises,” and its conclusion takes you to Zamok Archipelago. At this point, you’ll get a quest called “The Guerrilla.” The objective here is to talk to Juan Cortez.

The moment you do this, the game continues onward and you’ll have lost your chance. So, instead of speaking to Juan Cortez, simply turn around the dock and face the rickety boat (seen in the featured image).

Far Cry 6 Secret Ending 1

As Clara Garcia mentioned, the boat might be old and weathered, but it should help you reach the United States. Your goal now is to sail the boat to the west, just a little bit past the small island that’s jutting off the tip of Madrugada. When you’re past the lighthouse, the screen will fade to black.

The next scene will show the main character, Dani Rojas, chilling at Miami Beach. You overhear on the radio that Libertad’s efforts have failed and Clara has been executed. Before the credits roll, you’ll hear about the pandemic that’s sweeping the globe.

Note: If you skip the credits, you’ll reload the autosave at Zamok Archipelago’s dock. You can then talk to Juan and finish “The Guerrilla” mission. This progresses the campaign and gives you access to the Blood Dragon Pack and Ultimate Pack bonuses, assuming you purchased them beforehand.

Far Cry 6 Secret Ending 2

Far Cry 6 is available via Ubisoft’s store and the Epic Games Store.

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