Far Cry 6 Ultimate Pack Bonuses Champagne Amigo

Far Cry 6 guide: Champagne amigo and Ultimate Pack bonuses

It's a cat!
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Far Cry 6‘s base game already offers a plethora of content and activities that will last you many hours. Still, if you feel like spending extra, you could get more goodies by grabbing the Ultimate Edition. Here’s our Far Cry 6 guide to help you unlock the Champagne amigo and Ultimate Pack bonuses.

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Far Cry 6 guide: How to get the Champagne amigo and the Ultimate Pack bonuses

Similar to the Blood Dragon Pack, the Ultimate Pack can be unlocked after you complete “The Guerrilla” mission in Zamok Archipelago. After escaping Isla Santuario, you’ll meet with Clara Garcia and Juan Cortez as they prepare their next moves to fight back against Anton Castillo’s despotic regime. Once you’ve followed the instructions, the bonuses will be in your inventory.

Note: This is how it should work. However, things were a bit different when I was reviewing the game. For some reason, the game kept thinking that the Ubisoft Connect client was offline. That prevented me from gaining access to the Ultimate Pack bonuses until much later in the campaign (the game only recognized that I was online a couple of days ago). As far as I know, I’m the only reviewer who experienced this problem. But, with the game’s launch, there shouldn’t be any issues (hopefully).

Anyway, there are three distinct sets that you can get from Far Cry 6‘s Ultimate Pack. I’ll list them below, including any perks/attachments that these bonuses may have.

Far Cry 6 Ultimate Pack Bonuses Champagne Amigo 1

Croc Hunter Pack

  • Croc Hunter Custom (semi-auto rifle)
  • Bushwhacker Hat: Expert Scout – Tag enemies faster.
  • Bushwhacker Vest: Animal Detection Reduction – Get closer to animals before they attack.
  • Bushwhacker Jeans: Tough Scales – Greatly improves defense versus aquatic animals.
  • Bushwhacker Boots: Swift Predator – Greatly increases movement speed after killing an animal.
  • Bushwhacker Band: Croc Carver – Scavenge additional crocodile meat.
  • Croc Hunter 4×4 vehicle
  • Croc Tooth weapon charm and Croc Hunter vehicle accessory

Jungle Expedition Pack

  • SBS (shotgun)
  • Adventurer’s Helmet: Predator Sense – Automatically tags nearby animals.
  • Adventurer’s Vest: Careful Shot – Improves ADS weapon damage but reduces hip fire damage.
  • Adventurer’s Slacks: Hunter Protection – Improves defense against animals.
  • Adventurer’s Shoes: Amigo Rush – Improves movement speed after your amigo kills an enemy.
  • Adventurer’s Watch: Hunter’s Mark – Slightly improves damage dealt to tagged enemies.
  • Compass weapon charm

Vice Pack

  • Skorpion (auto pistol)
  • Miami Strip Shades: Quick Blink – Improves blindness recovery.
  • Miami Strip Coat: Noisy Sidearm Pocket – Greatly improves sidearm ammo reserves; slightly impairs movement noise reduction.
  • Miami Strip Slacks: Greed – Increases the amount of pesos looted; impairs ammo reserves.
  • Miami Strip Shoes: No Rush – Greatly improves walk speed; impairs sprint speed.
  • Miami Strip Watch: Lucky Reloader – Chance to receive pesos when replacing an empty mag.
  • Miami Miracle Coup vehicle
  • Golden Bullion weapon charm and Letter Opener vehicle accessory
  • Champagne unique amigo – She’s a white panther companion. Her ability, “Status Symbol,” allows her to collect more pesos from dead enemies after combat. Here are her unlockable perks:
    • Greed is Good – Succeeds more often at takedowns when you have more cash; requires amigo to kill 12 enemies.
    • Predatory Instinct – Loots enemies automatically after killing them with a takedown; requires amigo to kill 24 enemies using a takedown.
    • Sonic Snarl – When she takes damage, Champagne can let out a mighty roar that knocks back nearby enemies so she can escape to safety; requires amigo to loot a total of 1,000 pesos from enemies.

As you can see, none of the bonuses from Far Cry 6‘s Ultimate Pack can be considered game-changing. In fact, the weapons that you obtain are actually standard, fully moddable gear pieces (not unique variants). Also, as far as I know, you can’t purchase these packs separately as of now. But, if you really wish to acquire one in the future, then my suggestion is to choose the Vice Pack. The Miami Strip outfit is cool and stylish. Plus, you’ll get a cat as your amigo companion.

Far Cry 6 Ultimate Pack Bonuses Champagne Amigo 2

Far Cry 6 is available via Ubisoft’s store and the Epic Games Store.

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