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Hogwarts Legacy has several minigames. One of these is called Crossed Wands, essentially a way to fight other students in school grounds. Here’s our Hogwarts Legacy guide to help you win Crossed Wands matches, the game’s version of the Dueling Club.

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Hogwarts Legacy guide – How to win Crossed Wands duels

Crossed Wands duels in Hogwarts Legacy are unlocked during your first day as a student. Basically, once you’ve acquired Accio and Levioso, you’ll get a sidequest where you have to talk to Lucan Brattleby. If you plan on heading to his location, you’ll find him in the Clock Tower area next to a fast travel point (make sure you’re tracking the sidequest).

The minigame has three rounds, each becoming progressively tougher than the last. Your goal, pretty much, is to outlast your opponents and defeat them. Thankfully, a buddy will join you (i.e., either Natsai from Gryffindor or Sebastian from Slytherin).

Note: You may also talk to Lucan to start a practice fight against a training dummy. This allows you to test combos and air juggles with various spells.

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Whether you’re fighting a couple of enemies, or even four, victory in Crossed Wands in Hogwarts Legacy is all about your reflexes. With all the spells flying around, you’ll want to watch out for yellow icons that pop up on your character. These symbolize an incoming attack, which means you’ll need to block and counter with Protego and Stupefy. The stun that’s caused by Stupefy is quite powerful, since it also removes a character’s shield. Likewise, if ever you do get mauled by spells, try to pop your potion to heal. Also, if you get lifted by Levioso, you’ll need to press the correct button prompt to land safely.

Speaking of shields, as you advance further in the main quest, you’ll partake in harder bouts. Since these coincide with spell unlocks, you’ll notice that your opponents will have different elemental shields. Your magic spells are also color-coded (i.e., Accio is purple, Levioso is yellow, and Incendio is red). That means you’ll cycle among various spells to ensure that enemy defenses are broken. Moreover, if two hostiles with the same shield are close to each other, the AoE impact will take out both their barriers.

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Hogwarts Legacy is available via Steam.

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