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Hogwarts Legacy: How to unlock Accio spell

Accio Scorpion's enemy!

Accio is a type of spell in Hogwarts Legacy. Providing you with the ability to summon, this nifty power can move objects closer to you. There’s even a minigame associated with it. Here’s our Hogwarts Legacy guide to help you unlock the Accio spell and win the Summoner’s Court minigame.

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Hogwarts Legacy – How to unlock Accio spell, and Summoner’s Court guide

Accio is unlocked fairly early on in Hogwarts Legacy. Right after the Sorting Ceremony, you’ll wake up in your dorm room and speak to other students of your House. This begins your first day as a student. There’s a short introduction where you learn about Field Guide Pages, a type of challenge/collectible. Then, off you go for regular classes. You’ve got two to choose from at this stage: Charms or Defense Against the Dark Arts.

Attend your Charms class if you want to obtain Accio (don’t worry since you can still go to your DADA class afterward since that rewards Levioso). Anyway, the professor will show a casting pattern, which is akin to a semicircle arc. Trace this pattern successfully and you’ll gain access to the ability.

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Next, you and other students will be taken to the grounds. This leads to the Summoner’s Court minigame in Hogwarts Legacy where you’ll get to use Accio. The goal is as follows:

  • The ball must move across the board, preferably reaching a segment with a higher score. If the object falls off the edge, you don’t get any points.
  • Hold RT/R2 and press the corresponding button to cast the spell. This will cause the ball to move closer to you.
  • The longer you hold down RT/R2, the faster and longer it’ll move across the board. As such, it’s important to let go of the button if you think the ball will roll off the edge.

In any case, once you’re finished with this part, don’t forget to head to your DADA class as well for the Levioso spell. After you get both, you should be able to obtain Reparo.

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Hogwarts Legacy is available via Steam.

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