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Helm of Urtkot is a quest in Hogwarts Legacy. In it, you’ll aid a goblin in recovering a stolen treasure. You’ll also encounter several puzzles. Here’s our Hogwarts Legacy Helm of Urtkot guide to help you solve the Moth Puzzles or Butterfly Puzzles.

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Hogwarts Legacy Helm of Urtkot guide – How to solve Moth Puzzles or Butterfly Puzzles

Heading to the Collector’s Cave

The Hogwarts Legacy Helm of Urtkot quest occurs mid-way through the campaign (i.e., after Percival Rackham’s Trial). The requirement here is that you’re at least level 12 and you have the Depulso spell.

To start the quest, talk to Sirona in Hogsmeade, followed by Lodgok the goblin. A marker will appear on your map, so go ahead and run to that location while Lodgok accompanies you. Upon reaching your destination, you’ll find the Collector’s Cave.

Moth Door Puzzles or Butterfly Door Puzzles

The Hogwarts Legacy Helm of Urtkot quest has several Moth Puzzles (also known as Butterfly Puzzles). Basically, the ornate doorways you encounter here have three indentations where moths/butterflies can be placed. You can see this in the featured image.

As for the insects themselves, they’re floating next to pedestals, and the only way to bring them to the correct location is by casting Lumos. You’ll do just that for the first puzzle, which is fairly simple.

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Puzzle #1

  • Two of the moths/butterflies are on pedestals that are readily seen.
  • The third is inside a small room. You can use Depulso to push the ruined doors open.
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Dealing with Inferi

If you’ve been focusing on the main story, then this quest will likely be the first time you encounter Inferi. These cursed zombies are invulnerable to most types of damage until you hit them with fire spells, which will weaken them significantly. Ideally, you’ll want to spell slots reserved for Incendio and Confringo, so that you’ve got two fire spells for DPS. Likewise, try to avoid using Ancient Magic until you hit the zombies with flames. Due to the randomness of Ancient Magic, the ability might not even make a dent if it’s the wrong element.

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Puzzle #2

  • Grab at least one moth with Lumos and deposit it in the rotating mechanism in the center.
  • Then, use Depulso on the mechanism to raise the stone ledge, allowing you to pick up the other glowing insect.
  • Note that this mechanic where you use Depulso to activate ledges will come into play several times.
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Optional: Skeleton Bridge Puzzle

  • The Hogwarts Legacy Helm of Urtkot quest also has an optional puzzle where you need to move skeletons to the correct spots. You’ll reach this chamber by hopping up a ledge to your right past the previous room.
  • For this one, you’ll need Wingardium Leviosa, using it to target the bone piles. Alternatively, you can pop Accio, which will also turn into the Wingardium Leviosa spell if you’ve already unlocked it.
  • The two bone piles you need are to your left and another on the central platform. Move them close to the torches and a bridge will fully form. Go across and open the chest.
Hogwarts Legacy Helm Of Urtkot Moth Puzzle Butterfly Puzzle 3b

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Collections chest and going down the pit

  • In the next area, you’ll see a block suspended via a winch. Shoot it with your basic attack and it will open up a path that leads down.
  • However, before you jump down the pit, open the ruined door with Depulso. Inside, you’ll see a block that you can use to climb up. There are two chests up top (one to the left and one to the right). The chest at the right-hand side has a decoration.
Hogwarts Legacy Helm Of Urtkot Moth Puzzle Butterfly Puzzle 3c

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Puzzle #3 and Inferi battle

  • Jump down the pit and swim to the opposite side. In the large chamber, you’ll battle two waves of Inferi. Make sure you’re well prepared and try not to get swarmed.
  • After eliminating the zombies, it’s time to solve the last Moth Puzzle or Butterfly Puzzle in this dungeon. In the lower area, you should see two pedestals with moths. Bring one of them to the rotating mechanism.
  • As for the other moth, bring it to the pedestal that’s closer to the steps.
  • Stand on the ledge and repeatedly cast Depulso so you can reach the upper section. Grab the moth off to the side and jump across the gap before the ledge drops down. You should then place it on the door. Likewise, do note that there’s a side passage that leads to a couple of normal chests.
  • Anyway, while standing on the upper section, spam Depulso on the mechanism. It will also raise the pedestal on the ground floor, allowing you to cast Lumos to pick up the moth that you deposited earlier. Bring that one to the door, too.
  • And, lastly, there’s one moth in a nook just beside the door.

Chasing the thieves

That’s it, you’ve completed the last Hogwarts Legacy Moth Puzzle or Butterfly Puzzle in this tomb. Make your way to the next chamber to find a corpse and a chest. You can interact with the wall to exit the dungeon.

Hogleg Mqst4 Hlurk Bttpz Gd 1d

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Outside, Lodgok will tell you that the thieves ran away with the helmet, so make your way to that location. You’ll have to battle half a dozen wizards here, but a troll also shows up. Ideally, you’ll want to let them deal damage to the troll (or have the troll take them out first). As usual, use your dodges, blocks, and counters to survive.

After the initial wave of enemies has been defeated, make your way to the tent on the opposite side. Open the chest here to receive the Helmet of Urtkot. Suddenly, more wizard assassins show up. Eliminate the hostiles and return to Lodgok. This concludes the Hogwarts Legacy Helm of Urtkot quest.

Hogwarts Legacy is available via Steam.

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