How To Unlock The Library Door Code In Botany Manor
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How to unlock the library door code in Botany Manor

No lockpicks allowed.

Are you trying to enter the library in Botany Manor but aren’t sure how to unlock the door code? While the game gives you a pretty big hint about the answer, it’s more misleading than you may think.

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Botany Manor: How to unlock the library door code

After completing Chapter 3 and growing flowers like Pixie Tears and Wolfglove, you’re now told to enter the library in a letter from your sister. She tells you the new door code is the three initials to her name, but most players will probably mess up on an aspect of her name. You can unlock the library door code in Botany Manor by relying on Elizabeth Ann Greene’s non-maiden last name.

How To Unlock The Library Door Code In Botany Manor Family Tree
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After reading this letter I ran to the Family Tree hanging by the entrance of the manor to find Elizabeth’s full name. This library door code has three letters to input, meaning you have to use Elizabeth’s first, middle, and last name. Her name is written as Elizabeth Ann Greene, but if you go to the lock and try to put “EAG” it won’t work.

This is because I hadn’t realized that Elizabeth was now named Elizabeth Ann Hopgood after marrying Arthur Hopgood, as you can tell from the Family Tree. There’s also a paper there that tells you the Family Tree was designed for all the women to keep their maiden names written instead of their husband’s last names after marriage.

How To Unlock The Library Door Code In Botany Manor Eah
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You’ll also notice that in the letter you read from Elizabeth, she wrote her last name as Hopgood, which I ignored on my playthrough and instead went straight to the Family Tree. With that in mind, you can head back to the Library door code and enter “EAH,” which will unlock the door!

This isn’t the only door puzzle ahead of you, as you’ll now have to figure out the Library symbols puzzle and grow difficult flowers like Brook Chalice.

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