How To Grow Wolfglove In Botany Manor
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How to grow Wolfglove in Botany Manor

The singing flower.

Wolfglove is the fifth flower you grow in Botany Manor, and it’s the first one that really stumped me. To make sure you can get past Chapter 3 of Botany Manor, let me explain how to grow Wolfglove.

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Botany Manor: How to find Wolfglove clues

After growing Fulgaria you’ll need to grow Wolfglove during Chapter 3. Although you may look around for Wolfglove seeds before the clues, you won’t be able to do that. You’ll have to put together some clues first before you can find these seeds, so here are all the clue locations:

  • Nursery Rhyme: Orchard
  • Letter From Builder: Old Tower
  • Wind Research: Orangery
  • Alpine Weather: Oranger
  • Envelope With Stamp: Orangery
  • Letter About Alps: Orangery
  • Coin Collection: Orangery

Before you head off to find all these clues you must realize that some of them are inaccessible until you complete a puzzle. The Nursery Rhyme and the Letter from Builder hint at Wolfglove making singing noises, and you know it’s connected to wind with the Wind Research and Alpine Weather.

Priest Hole
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But you can’t reach the bottom of the Orangery to find the Coin Collection, so how do you get down there? You’ll need to find the Priest Hole that was hinted at in the book at the Orchard.

How to find the Priest Hole

This is the first part of this puzzle that really made me scratch my head. There’s an old Priest Hole in this manor back from when Priests had to hide from being persecuted. The clues to the Priest Hole lie within the Painting Room. You can find the key to the Painting Room at the top of the Orangery. Pick it up and walk out the entrance beside the key and you can enter the manor again. The Painting Room is just to your left from this entrance.

  • How To Grow Wolfglove In Botany Manor Manor Floorplan
  • How To Grow Wolfglove In Botany Manor Symbol

Unlock it and inspect the Manor Floorplan hanging on the wall. There, you’ll notice that the manor was constructed in 1593. Keep this number in mind, and check out the Symbology book in this room as well. You’ll notice that Catholicism has the symbol of the Agnus Dei. Remember that symbol and head to the kitchen.

Priest Hole Entance
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Once you find yourself in the kitchen, turn left and you’ll find a small pantry. You should notice that the same Agnus Dei symbol is there with a scale to the right of it. There are ounce bottles from numbers one to nine. Place four-ounce bottles on the scale with the numbers 1-5-9-3 in that order. This will open the secret passage to the Priest Hole!

How to grow Wolfglove in the tower

Head into the Priest Hole and up the next set of stairs. This leads into the bottom of the Orangery where you’ll find Wolfglove seeds sitting on the fountain. The last clue you need is to your left where you’ll find the Coin Collection clue.

How To Grow Wolfglove In Botany Manor Weisshorn
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Notice the coin in the middle with the ram icon? This was the same animal on the stamp on the Letter About Alps, and the of the coin says Weisshorn. Now you know that Wolfglove grows on Weisshorn. Fix the stairs to the top of the Orangery and head outside to plant and water the Wolfglove seed.

Before you take the seedling to the tower, if you read the Wind Research book and the Alpine Weather page, you’ll realize that Mount Weisshorn has a windspeed of 40 f/s. Test 5/6 in the book says you discovered wind speed of 40 f/s on the fourth floor.

How To Grow Wolfglove In Botany Manor Wind Research
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This is where I messed up. I thought that was all I needed to know so I took Wolfglove up to the fourth floor of the tower and opened the windows. Nothing happened, leaving me to be stumped for the second time. If you check out the drawing of the tower in the book you’ll realize that this wind speed only generates if you open the windows on the floors indicated.

As the drawing indicates, open one panel on the first floor, both panels on the third, and both on the fourth. Now when you place the Wolfglove seedling in the tower on the fourth floor it should bloom and start to make noises! Once you complete all Chapter 3 flowers you can move on to Chapter 4 which includes Brook Chalice, one of the toughest flowers you’ll have to bloom.

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