How To Grow Brook Chalice In Botany Manor
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How to grow Brook Chalice in Botany Manor

A watery weed.

Brook Chalice was the one flower in Botany Manor that stumped me the most, so I’ll teach you how to grow it. It took me almost an hour to figure this one out, so if you’re also struggling like I was here are the answers you seek.

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Botany Manor: How to grow Brook Chalice

During Chapter 4 you’ll be tasked with growing four different flowers, one of them being Brook Chalice. Wolfglove was one thing, but Brook Chalice will really make you think. This flower ended up being the toughest of all the flowers I grew in this cozy puzzle game due to one important aspect being overlooked. First off, let’s go over all the clues you need to assign to Brook Chalice:

  • Letter About Weeds: Corridor
  • River Trust: Master Bedroom (actually in Bell Tower even though the game says Master Bedroom)
  • Government Notice: Bell Tower
  • River Poster: Bell Tower
  • Weed Removal: Master Bedroom
  • Bath Geyser: Bathroom

Before you can grow Brook Chalice, you’ll have to grow Sapphire Gloom, which is the mushroom that’ll kill the disease on the giant tree in the manor. This will clear the branches blocking you from entering the western part of the manor, which is where you can grow Brook Chalice and find its clues. Make sure to grab the Attic key when you’re in the Bell Tower to find the Brook Chalice seeds.

  • How To Grow Brook Chalice In Botany Manor Frome
  • Rivers Somerset

The Letter About Weeds, River Trust, Weed Removal, and Government Notice all tell you that Brook Chalice is a weed that grows in certain rivers in Somerset. They say that most rivers have been cleared of these weeds, but the Government Notice says a few rivers were affected by scrap metal and polluted by rust. Somehow River Frome was clear of rust pollution.

This is a huge clue that totally went over my head the first time reading it. When reading the Rivers of Somerset poster in the Bell Tower, ignore the temperatures for River Cam and Somer. Only River Frome is important here with an average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius.

How To Grow Brook Chalice In Botany Manor Pipes
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Then head to the Bathroom in the Master Bedroom and put together the missing pipes like so. You’ll find these pipes placed around the bathroom, they aren’t hidden. Now you can change the temperature of the Bath Geyser to 25 degrees.

Rusty Pig
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Go to your plant station to plant and water Brook Chalice. Then head back to the bathroom and place it in the bathtub. Here’s where it got tricky. Pouring water in the tub did nothing and didn’t make Brook Chalice Bloom. Before running water, head back to the Attic and grab the Rusty Pig by the top of the stairwell.

How To Grow Brook Chalice In Botany Manor Bathtub
Screenshot: PC Invasion

This is a key item in this puzzle that can easily go over your head. I just thought it was decoration until I realized I could take it and move it around. Bring the Rusty Pig to the bathtub and place it beside Brook Chalice. Now you can run the water and Brook Chalice should finally bloom! And in case you missed it, we’ve also got a guide on how to grow Fulgaria in Botany Manor.

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