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Inscryption Act 3 factory puzzle – The Cuckoo Clock

Let’s talk about the Act 3 Cuckoo Clock puzzle in the factory level of Inscryption. The clock itself is found on a wall to your left when facing P03. It’s next to the Printer/Custom Card machine.


Now, one of the fun things about this game is that it really doesn’t hold your hand. You have to look for clues or stumble upon discoveries without meaning to. This puzzle is a great example of that not just because of what you can obtain, but also how you acquire those rewards.

For reference, I decided to use the solution from the Cuckoo Clock in Leshy’s cabin in Act 1. That means I set the time to 11:00. Voila! A small note appeared with the wing sigil. This is used for a different puzzle which we’ll discuss later.

Next, I set it to the exact time that caused it to hand out the camera film. That didn’t work, so I started moving the hands of the clock around. It opened just when I set the time to 4:00. And, once I progressed further in the campaign, I found out that 4:00 is the correct time based on a clue in another zone. It’s in a “shopping area” in the southwest portion of Botopia.

That second reward is actually the Ourobot, the Ouroboros card from previous acts in Inscryption. It might say that it only has a 15/15 stat line, but it can be a lot higher especially if you boosted it via the training dummy. It’s also something you can use now to farm unlimited Robobucks.

All right, let’s go to the next part of our guide to discuss the other CAPTCHA puzzle.

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Inscryption Act 3 guide: How to complete the Botopia zone

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