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Since Evil West is a co-op game, it makes sense to wonder if the game has cross-play/cross-platform play. After all, what good is co-op if you can’t play with the friend you bought the game to play it with? Following the launch, people dove into the co-op only to find that it supports two players and that only the host progresses. The idea of being able to play with any of your friends regardless of platform is, of course, always a boon when it comes to deciding whether or not you should purchase a game with co-op.

Unfortunately, Evil West does not feature cross-play or cross-platform play in any way. The developer Flying Wild Hog didn’t include the feature, so, if you’re on a PC, you can only play co-op with players who are also on PC. Similarly, console players can only co-op with other players on the same console. If you were hoping to jump in with a friend on a different platform, you’re out of luck, so definitely keep that in mind before going forward with any purchase based on the expectation of multiplayer. However, if you’re on the same platform, you can go ahead as planned and enjoy in the slaughter — together.

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Screenshot by PC Invasion

Evil West does not have cross-play or cross-platform play

The game is currently sitting at 81% positive on Steam with around 900 reviews, plus it’s got a 71 on Metacritic out of 35 reviews. I gave it an 8 in our review, as I found it to be a very entertaining action game, even if I wished it had more to do after beating the eight- to 10-hour campaign. While it’s a bummer that Evil West doesn’t feature cross-play or cross-platform play, it’s still worth playing through in co-op as long as you don’t mind that only the one hosting can progress the story.

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