Marvel's Midnight Suns Deadpool Legendary Card Challenge Guide Fourth Wall Burning Sensation
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Deadpool has the Fourth Wall Legendary Challenge in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Similar to most characters in your squad, you’ll need to max out his Friendship Level (i.e., the best gifts/hangouts). Upon reaching level 5, you’ll be able to tackle the puzzle-like mission via the Forge/Armory. Here’s our Marvel’s Midnight Suns Deadpool Legendary Challenge guide to help you complete Fourth Wall for the Burning Sensation ability.

Note: For more information, check out our Marvel’s Midnight Suns guides and features hub. Likewise, you can take a look at our main guide regarding Legendary Challenges/Cards.


Marvel’s Midnight Suns Deadpool Fourth Wall Legendary Challenge guide – Burning Sensation Legendary Card

The goal in the Deadpool Fourth Wall Legendary Challenge in Marvel’s Midnight Suns is to eliminate the seven Whispers enemy mobs. You’ll notice that the hostiles have varying amounts of HP, and you’ve got only four cards in your hand. As such, you need to use certain skills in the correct order to maximize the boosts from En Fuego stacks.

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Here’s what you need to do (as labeled in the image above):

  • Spread the Love – Target 1A and 1B. You’ll receive another Spread the Love card.
  • Death From Above – Use it to kill 1B. You’ll get a Pain Piñata card.
  • Pain Piñata – Use it on the #2 group of enemies to hit them.
  • Spread the Love – One of the enemies that you just blew up should have 5 HP left. Target that, as well as #3 (which also has 5 HP).
  • Death From Above – There should be one mob that has 17 HP remaining. Kill it.
  • Mag Dump – And, last but not least, cast this on the lone Whisper.

Once the regular foes are dead, you’ll receive the Burning Sensation Legendary Card for Deadpool in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Pop it on the final target and lay waste to it to complete the mission. The ability has the following perks when upgraded: a slight increase in damage; Exhaust; doubles the damage per En Fuego stack.

As you can see, Deadpool’s ability is decent for single-target DPS, and it’s also got a fairly low Heroism cost. However, you do need to increase your En Fuego stacks to gain boosted effects. In any case, you can learn more about the character’s skills in our best abilities guide.

Marvmids Dlc1 Ddp Legch Brnsn 2

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns is available via Steam.

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