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Wuthering Waves players prove complaining is meta because now we’re getting an instant 5-star selector and more free pulls

More apology pulls are on the way in Wuthering Waves.

Wuthering Waves has been having a bit of a rocky launch, to say the least, and developer Kuro Games has been in damage control mode issuing quick fixes and releasing free rewards for all players. Thanks to the community’s complaints, we’re getting even more apology pulls and an instant 5-star character of our own choosing!

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Pitched as a potential Genshin Impact killer, Wuthering Waves is an ambitious open-world gacha game with fast-paced combat and plenty of puzzles to solve. That ambition has proven to be a bit too much for some hardware to handle, however, as the Wuthering Waves subreddit and social media channels have been flooded with reports of lag, stutters, and crashes across PC and mobile. It’s not affecting everyone, but it’s affecting enough people to be an issue.

As compensation for this, Kuro Games delivered 10 free Lustrous Tides — a special currency used to pull for characters — to all players on May 23. Yet another apology package is on the way to make up for the continued launch window problems, however, and this one is even greater.

On May 25, all players will receive 10 free Radiant Tides that can be used to pull for limited characters like Jiyan and Yinlin. These are in addition to the 10 free Radiant Tides that will be sent out on the same day as a pre-registration milestone reward. On top of that, every player will be sent a special ticket on May 26 that will allow them to instantly unlock any permanent 5-star Resonator.

While Wuthering Waves already has a pair of novice banners that guarantee a random 5-star Resonator within 50 pulls and then a 5-star Resonator of your choosing within 80 pulls, this ticket won’t require you to spend any Astrite or Tides. You can instantly add Calcharo, Encore, Jianxin, Lingyang, or Verina to your roster for free. See mom? Complaining does get me somewhere!

In addition to apologizing to the Wuthering Waves player base with free pulls, the developer has also laid out plans for future updates and improvements to the game. Optimizations are being made to ensure the game runs smoothly on all machines, including lower-end mobile devices. Plus, the story skip feature is being expanded to let players skip over more dialogue if they just want to get to the action.

With all of the free pulls on offer in Wuthering Waves, it’s easy to build the team of your dreams so you can have an easier time with some of the harder endgame content. Make sure you’ve got the right Resonator targeted for your free 5-star selector so you don’t miss out, though.

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