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Which free 5-star Resonator should you choose in Wuthering Waves?

Don't waste your 5-star selector in Wuthering Waves.

Wuthering Waves gives a ton of free stuff to new players to give them a taste of the gacha system so they can hopefully pull for more characters down the line, and the game gives you a free 5-star Resonator of your choosing very early on.

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In addition to over 100 free pulls, every new Wuthering Waves player has access to the Novice Convene banner. This banner has a reduced cost but is only limited to 50 pulls. Every new player is guaranteed a random 5-star Resonator within those 50 pulls, but you may not end up with who you want. If you want another 5-star character in Wuthering Waves, keep reading to learn how to get your free 5-star selector.

How to Get a Free 5-Star Character Selector in Wuthering Waves

To get your free 5-star Resonator selector in Wuthering Waves, all you need to do is pull on the Novice Convene: Utterance of Marvels banner 50 times. This will guarantee you a random 5-star Resonator, but the banner will disappear after all 50 pulls have been used up. It will immediately be replaced by the Beginner’s Choice Convene, which is the 5-star selector.

Once the Beginner’s Choice Convene appears, you can choose a 5-star Resonator from the following group: Jianxin, Calcharo, Verina, Lingyang, and Encore. After making 80 pulls on this banner, you’re guaranteed to get the selected character. After you get your targeted Resonator, the Beginner’s Choice Convene will disappear for good.

Which 5-Star Character Should You Choose in Wuthering Waves?

There are five characters that you can choose from on the Beginner’s Choice Convene banner.

  • Jianxin
  • Calcharo
  • Verina
  • Lingyang
  • Encore

Each of these characters is strong on their own, but there are a few that stand above the rest. As with all gacha games, the best Resonator for you will depend on your existing roster and team. Here are the pros and cons for every unit on the Beginner’s Choice Convene banner.


Wuthering Waves Jianxin
Image: Kuro Games

Jianxin is a solid choice for a support unit since she’s able to create shields, heal allies, and control large crowds of enemies. As an Aero unit, she’s a great fit for any team. Her Resonance Skill is a powerful parry, and her Intro Skill pulls enemies together so you can take out multiple foes at once. However, there are a few problems with her that you should keep in mind.

Firstly, the setups for her support abilities like her shield are incredibly long, but the real nail in the coffin is that her crowd-control abilities do not work on bosses. She’s still a great overall choice and you should pick her if you like her design, but keep in mind that other Resonators do certain things better. Jack of all trades, master of none.


Wuthering Waves Calcharo
Image: Kuro Games

Calcharo is one of the most popular options for the Beginner’s Choice Convene since he’s one of the best DPS units in all of Wuthering Waves. As an Electro Broadblade-wielder, he’s capable of outputting crazy damage numbers in all situations. He’s a solid all-around choice that doesn’t have a crazy in-depth kit.

The only problem to consider is the inevitable power creep that comes with gacha games like these, so you may not get much long-term utility out of Calcharo if Kuro Games releases stronger DPS Resonators sooner rather than later. With that said, if you need a strong hypercarry unit, Calcharo is the character for you.


Wuthering Waves Verina
Image: Kuro Games

Verina is one of the best support units in Wuthering Waves at the moment, and she’s probably the smartest pick for your 5-star selector from the Beginner’s Choice Convene. She’s a Spectro character who uses a Rectifier, but her DPS capabilities are the least exciting part of her kit.

Her main benefit is her Outro Skill, which recovers HP for whoever swaps in and buffs their damage output on top of that. Her Resonance Liberation is a huge heal that applies a Photosynthesis Mark to enemies, restoring HP for your team and dealing bonus damage every time they’re struck. She can also prevent a party member from dying with her passive ability, which is super helpful.


Wuthering Waves Lingyang
Image: Kuro Games

A Glacio Gauntlets user, Lingyang is another good DPS pick from the Beginner’s Choice Convene. He’s a very straightforward brawler who can output a ton of elemental Glacio damage. He’s got a really boring kit, though, and he can’t do much else other than deal damage. If you need a DPS Resonator, it’s between him and Calcharo, and Calcharo is the better choice.

However, Lingyang benefits immensely from some of the free 4-star Resonators that Wuthering Waves gives all new players during the first few hours of the game. Sanhua is a fantastic Glacio support that can greatly boost Lingyang’s Glacio damage output, for example, so you’ll have a ready-to-go Glacio team if you choose Lingyang with your 5-star selector.


Wuthering Waves Encore
Image: Kuro Games

Encore is one of the most interesting 5-star characters available from the Beginner’s Choice Convene, and she’s a great Fusion DPS if you need that element on your roster. She works great as a sub-DPS since her main attraction — the Dissonance state — isn’t canceled when she leaves the field. Your main DPS can take advantage of the damage reduction from Dissonance and Encore will perform a follow-up attack that deals massive Fusion damage after the Dissonance state ends.

Her kit is unique, though, and she has a very different playstyle from other Wuthering Waves characters. Plus, she doesn’t have access to any Fusion-specific supports, putting her at a disadvantage to other DPS units available on the 5-star selector. She can only get better from here, though, and she’s a safe pick if you like her design and abilities.

Ultimately, your choice for the Beginner’s Choice Convene banner comes down to what roles you need to fill on your roster. By the time you amass enough Lustrous Tides to make the 80 required pulls for the selector, you should have a good idea of which Resonator will benefit your squad the most. If you don’t have a grand plan or anything like that, though, the golden rule still applies: Just pick whoever looks the coolest and you’ll have a blast.

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