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Wuthering Waves Solitary Crusade quest guide

Why are you showing it to me when I can't have it!

Wuthering Waves has many easy, difficult, and downright confusing quests. The Solitary Crusade quest line falls into the confusing category. To learn how to complete the Solitary Crusade quest in Wuthering Waves, keep reading.

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Wuthering Waves quest guide: How to complete Solitary Crusade

As you navigate and search for the quest in your Moments with You tab, you’ll see you need to complete Solitary Crusade as part of the Keeper in the Darkness quest. This is where the confusion will set in. The reason why you can’t do the quest at the moment is because it’s locked right now. Not just for you, but for everyone. The quest should open up on June 12, so just like everyone else, you’re going to have to wait.

Wuthering Waves Solitary Crusade quest guide
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Thankfully, Wuthering Waves is a deep game with tons to do. You have options like Solving Energy Puzzles or farming the Void Thunder Echo. So, while you’re waiting there’s tons to do will early June. 

Why is it locked?

At the moment there’s no reason, but my theory is that June 12 might be an event. Mainly because we could see the new five-star Resonater Yinlin drop on that date. This is part of the new event that will succeed the current Jiyan’s event banner. In other words, her release may be connected to the completing the Solitary Crusade. 

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If you’re worried about not being able to complete this quest because you haven’t won Yinlin yet, you don’t have anything to stress out about. Meaning, you don’t need her to do Keeper in the Darkness. The only requirement right now is to wait till June 12. However, like Lingyang, she may have her own companion story that you might need to complete to get a chance of getting her if you don’t draw Yinlin from the event banner. 

The Mech Abomination boss in Wuthering Waves is not for the weak of heart.

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