Wuthering Waves Mech Abomination
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Wuthering Waves Mech Abomination boss guide: Location, rewards, and how to beat

Hasta la vista, baby.

This is just an evil experiment gone wrong, so let’s put an end to this TD existence. Here is where to find and how to beat the Mech Abomination boss in Wuthering Waves.

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Where to find Mech Abomination in Wuthering Waves

The Mech Abomination and all the other world bosses in Wuthering Waves are unlocked once you get to Union Level 10. Once you do, its location will appear on the map, so travel to the Court of Savantae Ruins on the southmost part of the map.

Wuthering Waves Mech Abomination Location
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The Court of Savantae is a building in the area you need to access to enter it, so don’t approach it from the hills above since it will appear that the Mech Abomination is underground — which it is, but you know what I mean.

Wuthering Waves Mech Abomination Opening
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Once inside the Court of Savantae, head behind the counter and you will see an opening on the floor leading you to the Mech Abomination boss room. Drop below and the battle should start.

How to beat Mech Abomination in Wuthering Waves

The fight will start with the Mech Abomination taking a few swings. He will alternate between a single strike and a strike combo, so be on the lookout whenever it telegraphs its moves and dodge accordingly while dealing the most damage, especially with your rarer Echoes.

Wuthering Waves Mech Abomination Strike
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One of the attacks you should worry about is his swinging ray attack. This move will last for quite a few seconds and if you are close to it when he starts swinging you will have to dodge it continuously. This will probably end up with your stamina getting depleted quite fast, so I suggest moving away from the Mech Abomination whenever he chooses to swing so that it doesn’t catch you out of breath later.

Wuthering Waves Mech Abomination Spinning Strike
Screenshot: PC Invasion

With that said, I would not recommend staying too far from the Mech Abomination since it will trigger his ray attack all over the room. You will not receive any damage if you run between these rays but beware of his final move which will have him jump and cause a ground wave attack you need to dodge or jump to avoid it.

Wuthering Waves Mech Abomination Rays
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Continue dealing consistent damage with your Resonators using your Intro and Outro skills while you use your Echo attacks. Again, be sure to equip world boss Echoes if you can.

All Mech Abomination rewards in Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves Mech Abomination Rewards
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Once you complete your fight, you will receive first-clear rewards which include Union XP, Astrite, Shell Credits, and leveling materials for your weapons and Resonators. You can also interact with the Tacetite Bloom that the Mech Abomination leaves behind to get more rewards by spending Waveplate.

First-ClearProbability of Obtaining
500x Union XP
20x Astrite
1x Advanced Resonance Potion
1x Advanced Energy Core
12,000x Shell Credits
450x Union XP
Group Abomination Tacet Core
Medium Resonance Potion
Medium Energy Core
Medium Sealed Tube
Shell Credits

You can stay in the area to continue battling the Mech Abomination if you need to farm more materials and Union XP, so keep that in mind if you need some boosters.

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