Wuthering Waves Void Thunder Echo Farming Route And Locations
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Wuthering Waves Void Thunder Echo farming route and locations

It's electrifyin'!

If you’re looking for the perfect Echoes for an Electro-type Resonator in Wuthering Waves, here’s a farming route for all the Void Thunder Echo locations.

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Void Thunder Echo farming route and locations in Wuthering Waves

You can collect a total of 13 Echoes with the Void Thunder Sonata in Huanglong, which are the best types of Echoes for someone like Calcharo. Having a two-set boosts your +10% Electro DMG, and having a five-set grants you +15% Electro DMG after releasing a Heavy Attack or Resonance Skill. Here are the best farming routes for Void Thunder Echoes.

Wuthering Waves Void Thunder Echo Farming Route And Locations Tigers Maw
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Tiger’s Maw

Around Tiger’s Maw, you can find five Void Thunder Echoes. This is the most you’ll find in one area, which makes it the best farming spot.

1Traffic IlluminatorSpectro
2Fission Junrock
3Vanguard Junrock
4Fusion WarriorFusion
5Aero PredatorAero
Desorock Plains
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Desorock Highland & Central Plains

Although they’re pretty far from each other, you can grab a Void Thunder Echo in the Desorock Highland, which is an Overlord Class Echo. Then fast travel south to Qichi Village to grab two more.

6Thundering MephisElectro
7Tempest MephisElectro
8Electro PredatorElectro
Wuthering Waves Void Thunder Echo Farming Route And Locations Jinzhou
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Jinzhou City

Around Jinzhou city, you’ll find two more Void Thunder Echoes, which are just south of Qichi Village. They’re so close to each other that you won’t have to walk far to grab these two.

9Havoc PrismHavoc
10Young Geohide SaurianFusion
Wuthering Waves Void Thunder Echo Farming Route And Locations Gorges Of Spirits Port City
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Gorges of Spirits & Port City of Guixu

Lastly, we have two Void Thunder Echos around the Gorges of Spirits, and we have the last Echo available with this Sonata type just outside the Port City of Guixu.

12Spectro PrismSpectro
13Violet-Feathered HeronElectro

Those are all of the Void Thunder Echoes available to farm in Wuthering Waves. Other Sonata types are just as good to farm, such as the Rejuvenating Glow Echoes.

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