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How to solve Energy Matrix puzzles in Wuthering Waves

You don't need to be the One to solve these.

The sheer variety of puzzles in Wuthering Waves will make up for a refreshing experience able to train your brain. Here is how to solve Energy Matrix puzzles in Wuthering Waves.

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Wuthering Waves: How to solve Energy Matrix puzzles

Energy Matrix puzzles are only one type of puzzles you can find across the open world in Wuthering Waves. These are available from the get-go, and I have found a bunch of them over at Wenye Beach. This is a location that is found across the south part of the map, so if you haven’t unlocked any nearby Resonance Nexus or Resonance Beacon, you are in for some walking.

Wuthering Waves Energy Matrix Puzzles Location
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The Energy Matrix puzzle is a Tetris-like puzzle without any time limit or any tetrominoes falling from the sky. You will find an energy pattern being projected and a specific number of energy forms scattered across the surrounding ground. Your goal is to successfully use your Levitator to pick these up and match them to the pattern in front of you.

Wuthering Waves Energy Matrix Puzzle
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These will vary in difficulty, but the rules are that only the blue spaces need to be filled with these energy pieces, with the white ones not counting toward the completion of the puzzle but can be filled with these shapes to accommodate them. You can also rotate each of these pieces so that you can fit them properly in the pattern.

Wuthering Waves Energy Matrix Puzzle Solution
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While solving the puzzle is relatively simple, make sure you analyze the pieces lying on the floor and the blue spaces in the projected pattern. That way, you will have an idea of where to fit each of these so that you can collect your precious rewards in those treasure chests like Shell Credits and any other leveling materials. That way, you will be able to compete in the different TD challenges in the area.

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