Astria Ascending guide: Is there a New Game+ mode?

Astria Ascending New Game+ Time Loop Finale Ending

All journeys must come to an end. Your exploits in the world of Astria Ascending will reach a conclusion, but there might be a way to continue your adventure. So, is there a New Game+ mode or a method of continuing your campaign in Astria Ascending? Let’s find out.

Note: For more information, check out our Astria Ascending guides and features hub. Likewise, please be reminded that this guide contains major spoilers.


Astria Ascending guide: Is there a New Game+ mode or a way to continue the campaign?

We’ve discussed some tidbits in our guide regarding the point of no return in Astria Ascending. If you advance further past the point of no return, it will lead to a linear series of events. Here’s what will occur:

  • There’s a boss fight against Brazer and he releases an oddly-named entity known as Wilkyte.
  • Harmonia Tower is destroyed. You’ll need to return there and go through several rooms to reach the top.
  • In Goddess Yuno’s chamber, you’ll fight Livann, Ulan’s brother who’s been corrupted by Wilkyte.
  • If you go to the balcony, you’ll battle Wilkyte who’s merged with Livann. This is the final boss of Astria Ascending‘s campaign.

Astria Ascending New Game+ Time Loop Finale Ending 1

With Wilkyte defeated, the mission of the demigods has been completed. But, given that they only have a short time to live, a cutscene mentions that they’ve all died, too. Only Zimar, the son of Dagmar, is left. He’ll talk about how peace has returned to Harmonia while people remember those who’ve fallen.

Next, try to make your way to Wendal’s Orchard. There are two men here:

  • Wendal – If you talk to him, the end credits will play. You can still reload your latest save in this area.
  • Balan – He will ask you if want to go back in time.

Astria Ascending New Game+ Time Loop Finale Ending 2

Going back in time isn’t New Game+ mode in Astria Ascending. Rather, you’ll be back at a point where all your party members (except Dagmar) are still alive. There are a few caveats:

  • Because you already completed the finale, you’ll no longer replay it. This is more akin to sandbox exploration to find stuff that you might’ve missed.
  • If you check out various areas, you’ll notice a few chests that have been left behind (i.e., Harmonia Tower Entrance, Uptown, and Ancient Wasteland). These contain some high-end weapons and armor.
  • You might see the most difficult Hunt challenges.
  • You can challenge some NPCs to a J-Ster match if you wish to obtain the remaining rare/4-star/5-star tokens (i.e., Yuno, Balan, Migthief). Likewise, you can join the J-Ster tournament in the Leo Temple arena.
  • There’s a female NPC named Luudei in the council room. Talk to her to travel to a secret dungeon known as the Time Rift.

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Astria Ascending is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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