Hogwarts Legacy Hogsmeade How To Go To Hogsmeade
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Hogwarts Legacy: How to reach Hogsmeade

No need for Diagon Alley.

Hogwarts Legacy has several major regions that you can visit. One of these happens to be Hogsmeade, a village that’s a popular destination for young witches and wizards eager to learn more about magic. It also happens to have a lot of shops that you can go to. Here’s our Hogwarts Legacy guide to help you reach the village of Hogsmeade as part of the main quest.

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Hogwarts Legacy guide – How to reach Hogsmeade

You’ll be able to visit Hogsmeade in Hogwarts Legacy early in the campaign. This occurs as part of the main quest on your first day as a student. Here’s the gist:

  • Attend your Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts classes. These will reward you with Accio and Levioso respectively.
  • Next, you’ll have to talk to Professor Ronen (make sure the quest is being tracked). After completing the task he’s presented, he’ll teach you Reparo.
  • With that done, you’ll be allowed to go to Hogsmeade. You can choose between two companions: Natsai from Gryffindor or Sebastian from Slytherin.

Meet your companion at the main gate that leads to Hogwarts Grounds. Beyond, you’ll see rolling hills, lush fields, and the marvelous Quidditch Pitch. Enjoy the trek with your buddy as you frolic along the road. Eventually, you’ll arrive at the village proper.

Hogsmead in Hogwarts Legacy acts as a commercial hub. Instead of Diagon Alley, you’ll find a bunch of shops that sell various goods. While you can take a look at various points-of-interest, these are the ones required for the main quest:

  • Ollivanders – This is where you’ll obtain your wand. You can learn more in our wand customization/best wand cores guide.
  • Tomes and Scrolls – This shop sells blueprints of objects/contraptions with utility effects.
  • J. Pippin’s Potions – You can buy potion recipes and reagents here.
  • The Magic Neep – This sells supplies for animals.

The shops have several items for sale, though you only need to acquire the ones that are free. When you’re done, you’ll talk to your companion. Suddenly, an Armored Troll will attack. This also serves as your tutorial to Ancient Magic. Its basic usage lets you pull and throw rocks and barrels at a target. Then, once downed, you can absolutely annihilate your opponent.

After the fight, you’ll need to fix some of the carts and houses that were destroyed. Use your Reparo spell for this. Next, you’ll check out Gladrag’s Wizardwear, followed by a chillax moment at the Three Broomsticks. Your character then has to return to their dorm room to sleep, concluding your first day as a student.

In any case, you’ll be heading back to Hogsmeade quite often in Hogwarts Legacy. Don’t forget to tag the fast travel points to aid you in your exploration of the area.

Hogwarts Legacy is available via Steam.

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