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Once Human PvP guide: How it works, how to turn it off, and best builds

Watch your back.

As if the roaming nasties of Once Human weren’t enough, there is also the very possible chance that another player might come along and blow your face off, providing you’re in a PvP server. PvP works in a very particular way in Once Human, meaning you can either engage with it or not.

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How PvP works in Once Human

PvP in Once Human works in a few ways, depending on what server you have chosen to play on. In PvP servers, which is how the team at Once Human want you to play, there is a much higher risk of getting into a gunfight. In the PvE servers, only certain locations will be open to possible attacks from other players.

Chaos mode

When playing Once Human, it is possible for yourself and your squad to enter a Chaos Mode by holding down P. During this time, in Once Human PvP servers, you can attack any other players and their camps. However, you will be marked and vulnerable to attack from other players also.

While in Chaos State, inflicting damage on other players will keep the Chaos gauge full. Being passive will eventually dwindle it down to nothing. Chaos state in Once Human works differently depending on the server you are in.

PvE servers

Pvp Servers Once Human
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These servers are for players who would prefer to focus more on crafting and exploration. Of course, there will be threats from the monsters in the game, but other players cannot attack you unless you’re in certain zones.

When a player enters Chaos State, they can only attack other players in Chaos State in Once Human PvE servers. Players not in this state or in the Once Human PvP zones are invulnerable to attacks.

PvP servers

In these PvP servers, players in Chaos State can fight anyone and anything they choose in Once Human. However, people’s bases with fortifications and defenses will automatically start attacking, too. Players can only attack other players above level ten.

Contestable areas and Echo Stones

The contestable areas are zones on the map, such as strongholds, which are shared between worlds. There is exceptional loot in these zones, but it comes with a big risk. Visiting contestable areas will enter you into a Chaos State whether you’re playing on PvP or PvE in Once Human. These zones will be highly populated, and you will be very vulnerable, so gear up.

Echo Stones can be found on the map at random drop zones. Once found, they can be recovered and returned to your base for some great loot. However, picking one of these Echo Stones up will enter you into a Chaos State until you return safely to your base in Once Human in both PvP and PvE servers. This will leave you vulnerable to attack.

Servers explained in Once Human

Pvp Once Human
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When you first enter into Once Human you must choose carefully. The two types of servers you can pick from are quite different. PvP servers in Once Human do have quite a bit more going on than PvE servers, but with the added risk of attack.

Once you have committed to a server, you will need to stay in it. If you want to play on another one, a new character must be created. I would suggest going into a PvP server, as there are a lot more community events and earnable loot. Just make sure you have a good build.

The best PvP Once Human build

This build is going to be focused around the Unstoppable Bomber perk that comes equipped with the Legendary Pistol, Jaws. This pistol can be picked up from the Mr. Wish machine with a little bit of luck. Keep spending that Starchrom until you roll a Jaws pistol.

I prefer to use a pistol for PvP due to the high damage, high accuracy, and speed of reloading. Having the Jaws pistol equipped with explosive rounds will usually drop an enemy in Once Human PvP in about 4 shots.

Weapons and mods

Jaws Pistol – From Wish Machine

  • Muzzle – Tactical Flash Hider
  • Optic – Compact Reflex Sight
  • Tactical – Small Laser Sight
  • Magazine – Extended Pistol Mag
  • Mod – Super Charged – Earned by beating Treant on hard
Jaws Unstable Bomber Pvp Once Human
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The Last Valour – Scar

  • Mod – Shrapnel Smash

Armor and mods

  • Falcon Hat – Fateful Strike
  • Falcon Gloves – Crit DMG Boost
  • Falcon Pants – Deadshot
  • Falcon Mask – Reckless Bomber
  • Camo Leather BootsSlow and Steady
  • Sleek Leather Jacket – Crit DMG AMP


  • Pistol Strengthening
  • Rifle Amplify
  • Tactical Combo
  • Flame Resonance
  • Upper Hand
  • Elemental Sense

This build is heavily reliant on the Jaws pistol to drop enemies in Once Human PvP. The various mods, both on the armor and weapon, boost the crit chance sky-high. They also improve blast radius and damage, meaning with just a few well-placed shots, you can turn your enemies into pink mist.

A number of the items will require a bit of grinding, but the payoff is always worth it. If you’re looking to be digging into PvP, I expect you’re at the Once Human endgame already anyway.

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